Sunday, February 08, 2009

January Knitting Goals Progress

So dear readers, it's been awhile. I have been meaning to pop in and blog and it just never happened. I've been thinking about this alot and that I will have a goal of blogging at least once a week. While I haven't been blogging, there has been plenty of knitting going on. I even managed to make most of my knitting goals for January too.

The first goal was to knit myself a hat. Finally did that:
It was made using my Malabrigo leftovers from the Ruffles scarf. Oh, so yummy and soft. The hat pattern is the Amanda Hat of Sleepy Eyes Knitting. This hat went very quickly and I had just enough Malabrigo leftover to knit the hat. Good way to use up leftovers!

Second goal was to finish up M2's candycorn socks. Done! They have been washed and blocked and given to M2. And they have already been worn a couple of times, so it appears the socks are a success.
These socks were made from  Red Rocks Fiber Works , hand-dyed by my friend Mary Kay. Very nice base sock yarn. I am scared for M2 blowing out a heel, but of well. There is plenty of wool for socks in my house.
Third goal was to continue to make progress on my vest project, the Back To School U Neck Vest. I did pretty good with progress for January.

Actually this picture is not the most accurate of progress. The vest is now completed. I finished the picking up the stitches around the neck and armholes just earlier today. I hope to block it early this week and wear it soon.

I also ripped and reknit the neck for the Ribby Pulli. It has been completed and blocked, but I have yet to wear it. Once I finished the sweater, it took about a week to get around to the blocking. However, the weather in Denver has not been cooperating for me to have a photo shoot or even wear it. The weather the past week has been mid-to-high 50s into the 60 degree temps. Sorry I wasn't willing to wear wool to get a photo op! :-)

I hope to have some FO photo pics by next week of the Ribby Pulli and the Back to School U NeckVest.

Talk to you soon!

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