Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nacho your Hacho Everyday Tweed

Finally a finished object around these here parts! I know some of you have been waiting for me to finish this sweater and show you the FO. I am still a bit reserved on the sweater, as I may rip out the bottom hem and make the sweater a tiny bit longer. Other than length, I really love the sweater and have already worn it twice. Just as I worried about finishing the sweater during the spring, we had a freak snowstorm and I wore it and then during cooler weather last week, I was able to wear it again.

Here's a view from the front:

The back:

and the side:

Project Specs:
Everyday Tweed
Yarn: Mirasol Hachoin colorway 303 Coral Reef
Needle size: US 6 (4.0 mm) Addi Lace circulars
Dates: 01/01/08-04/06/08

No modifications were made and I followed the pattern as written. I do think with top-down raglans, I am going to have to start trying on the sweaters are regular intervals and perhaps not increase as often as the pattern calls for in the chest area. I have a bit of gapping, extra fabric on the raglan increase/decrease lines at the shoulder, but it's ok. In the future, though, I'd like to alleviate it. I did alternate skeins every two rows, but I don't know that it made a major difference. The yarn is variegated and it did pool/muddle in places, so I'm not sure what the alternating did for it. But once I started, I felt it best to remain consistent with alternating the skeins.

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