Sunday, May 31, 2009

In Which I post twice in one month

Just under the gun, I'm back again. I was hoping to be able to model my latest handknit garment, but it was not meant to be. I finally finished knitting the tabs, which took all of 1 hour and sewed them on the garment. I bought cute vintage glass buttons, but I need to move them over a bit, as the cardigan looks a bit strained. I will re-sew them and steam block the cardigan. Hopefully I can wear it to work tomorrow. If so, I should be able to get a picture soon.

Since I don't have a garment, I do have a pair of handknit socks that have been completed. At least there is some knitting, right? Yay! Besides, handknit socks are always good.
In a beautiful and crazy colorway of Trekking, I finished a pair of simple, stockinette socks.

Here's a teaser of the Flutter Sleeve cardi. I have to say that this project was really worth the effort. The cardigan is very flattering. I tried it on at knit night and my knitting girls were all very complimentary. Can't wait to actually wear this and have it as part of wardrobe.

Ok, I will be back soon with modeled pics.

Monday, May 25, 2009

What Had Happened Was . . .

I guess I took an unexpected break from blogging. I have thought about it frequently, but all the good intentions do not a blogger make. Anyhow I am not making any promises for when I will next blog, but I am hoping to be able to blog a bit more. I have been online quite a bit, but mostly on Facebook and sometimes on Twitter.

School has also been pretty crazy the past couple of terms. However, I decided for the summer to take a short break. I thought this might be good for my sanity. It doesn't mean that I am or will regain my sanity, but there's hope? lol

There has been knitting and more knitting. I finished a pair of socks, but don't have a FO pic to share. I need to take more pictures soon.

An impromptu photo session at my LYS with photos taken by Mary-Kay display my latest FO. For NanKniSweMoDo, this is my third sweater. A bit behind with the count, but still plugging away.
My third sweater for the NaKni blah-blah-blah is Hanna. The yarn used is Nashua Handknits Creative Focus Brushed Alpaca. Since the yarn is alpaca, although the photos are not the best, I am going to use them for now to call this FO done. In the winter, I will try to get some better pictures, but going into summer, I'm not too interested in modeling alpaca right now

Project -  Hanna 
Needles used:  size US 10.5 (6.5mm) needles
Modifications: none
I got suckered by the quick project idea, which never really works out for me. Unless I am knitting a cowl or a hat. Otherwise, they don't knit up quickly. It wasn't bad and I really like the end result. It's just a cardigan knit in one piece and that's a big slog. Not as nice as working in the round, of course. I do feel like it was worth it. I may even purchase the shawl pin pictured in the photo above. I used one at the shop for the photo. I think it looks really nice. Overall, happy with the sweater.
I have another project that I hope to complete tomorrow today. I just have to find some buttons and knit two tabs. Seems doable. Perhaps I will start that now, since I can't seem to go to sleep yet.