Saturday, June 18, 2011

Super Saturday

5K, well a 3K for Scleroderma a d now a spin/yoga class.
Bookclub tonite and then rest.


Busy day today.

First up: Scleroderma 5K to support my cousin June.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Before & Well, Now

In the past year, I've become an avid exercise buff, primarily doing cardio (spinning, swimming, elliptical and bike riding), along with strength training.  Prior to that, I worked sporadically and never consistently. After having some health issues, I finally decided to do something about my weight, which was a primary factor in my digestive issues. As I'd always wanted to learn how to swim, but had problems mastering breathing, I was never successful with swimming. Fueled by my desire to attempt to learn to swim (yet again) last summer, I took swimming lessons at my local recreation center. In order to build my endurane, I started practicing kicking with the kickboard and taking aqua aerobics.


While I did not learn how to swim last summer, I continued to work out and then later worked with a swim coach and learned how to swim this year, finally. I ran across some old photos yesterday and decided to post them.


It's not a before & after, because I am, after all, a work in progress, but rather a before and now.


When looking at the pictures, I can truly see a difference. Over 2 years, I've lost about 30 pounds and still have another 20-30 lbs to go. But I am very happy with the changes in my body and feel that I am much healthier than I've ever been.


With all the fitness enthusiasm, sadly, my knitting productivity has waned. I'd like to think that it will pick up at some point, but I'm not sure if that's going to happen again or not. I've still been knitting, but mostly socks and it's off and on, more off than on.


That's all for today.


Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hello There World

So, I doubt if anyone is actually checking this blog for updates, but wanted to let you know 2 things. One, I finally actually graduated from grad school with my Master's in Human Resource Management. Two, I have started a new blog on Posterous at

Hope to see you there.