Thursday, April 28, 2005

Might Just Be A Little Crazy

But I suppose that's nothing new to those that know me. It's funny so many people that have said my summer knitting lineup is ambitious. I dunno, I guess it is ambitious. Since I am no longer working a second job and I don't have any children, save my dbf, I do have plenty of time to knit, in between doing other things like visiting with friends, domestic stuff, etc. I do realize some of it may not get done, but seeing it in a list gives me a purpose and helps me focus in on what I would like to accomplish.

Oh, so then I looked at my summer knitting lineup post again and realized that 2 of the items I will be carrying with me to NY and will get lots of knitting done there. And of the 7 I have listed, 2 others one only require a back or less than that to be finished. I also have a hair appointment on Tuesday night, so that should be 3-4 hours of knitting time right there. Most of you can't help but know that I have locks. I go to a consultant that retightens my hair, whenever I go to get it done. Typically that should be 8-10 weeks, sometimes it's longer. Nonetheless, my hair is so thick, it usually takes my consultant at least 3.5 hours to 4.5 hours, just depends. I always love when I go to get my hair retightened, because I get to visit with a good friend and I get lots of knitting done! I plan on taking the red-orange tank in with me to finish up that back. It shouldn't take me too long and there's a good possibility that I will be done by that evening. I think I will look at the pattern again this weekend to see where I left off and work a few rows to get in the groove and then be ready to finish it on Tuesday evening!

How bad is that I know I'm going out of town next Thursday and should be thinking of things to pack and all I can think of is what knitting projects to take? I still have to make a nursing shawl for my sister. I'm planning on taking that with me while we travel. I might be making a pit stop in Atlanta on the way back since we will be flying back through Atlanta and we have buddy passes, so hopefully my little nephew Chason would have made his way into the world by that time. If not, I will still get to see my baby sister pregnant, which is funny and so cute to me all at the same time.

Okay, I guess enough with the running on. Knitting-wise (although I guess this is all about knitting anyway), I've been working right along, but only on Donna. I put Tempting down on Sunday and haven't picked it up since. I believe I shall have a knitting fest again this Sunday since the bf will be out-of-town this Friday. I can sit at home, watch a couple of chick flicks and knit till my heart's content. I have been cruising away on Donna. I decided that I like most of my sweaters at the length of 23", as I measured one of my favorite sweaters and that's the perfect length. Since Donna calls for a finished length of 25" and raglan shaping begins once you hit 16", I will work in pattern until 14" and then begin shaping. I expect I will have the back finished before I leave for NYC. Since I'm not sure where I want the bust darts to happen, I will probably do the sleeves while I'm in NYC and start the body, but we will see how that goes. I may just have the sleeves done and that's it, who knows? Boy, just reading this makes me feel like I have deadlines for everything! Not really, but I just think I can be this far by this date, but there is no deadline for any of this, other than to finish something.

Hmm, still rambling on and just going off on a tangent, I guess this is what happens when I talk to people in regular life too! Kind of sad (I feel bad for the others!), but oh well. All of that above to say I've been cruisin' on Donna and she's at about 9.5 inches now. So I will only 4.5 inches more to begin shaping. Might not get much knitting in tonight as I must clean and straighten to have my knittin' buds over Friday night.

I also joined a couple of knit-alongs, if you check the buttons on the sidebar, I found the 2005 Knitalongs site somewhere and found there was a Summer KAL which is for any summer pattern. I am so there, since there are so many I want to work on this summer. And I also joined theCurvaceous Tempting KAL. Look at me, I'm a joiner! But it was easy since I was already doing them anyway. I thought about joining the Triada-along, but I will probably pass as I'm not ready to start yet and I found a Xback KAL(from the Knitty pattern of the same name), but opted not to do that one at this point.

I did decide that I will probably not get the seed/moss st tank out of Reynolds Saucy done this summer. I want to finish Donna and Tempting and another one of my other fun summer patterns, so I can get started on the Cabled Tennis Sweater. I need to get one of my projects I just started out of the way before I get started on it. If I don't, I will truly have the start-itis problem out-of-control. I'm good if I have 3-4 projects going, but anymore than that, I'm just out-of-control and we certainly can't have that!

No new knitty pics, hopefully after tomorrow evening, I'll have some pics. But after that, it will sparse here for awhile as my bf will have the digital camera with him in NYC until I join him next Thursday. Still undecided if I should be a total dork and take my laptop with me . .

Monday, April 25, 2005

What a Weekend

I always have great ideas that I will blog on the weekends, but the reality is, that has yet to happen. Blogging sometimes feels like a job. While I enjoy it M-F, on the weekends, I usually just don't want to.

Anyhow, this weekend, had lots of fun with my knitting girls, Stacey, Michelle, and Cynthia. Stacey organized a beading outing where we hit Bead It! We picked out beads (which could be a dangerous hobby) and made stitch markers right there in the store. Thank goodness, because if I had to take them home, I would've spent a ton. Michelle made a few, but took home some beads too. Stacey actually brought some of her beads, made a couple of stitch markers and then broke out her serious bead collection and pulled out some very cute beads and made a necklace. See the layout of beads to be a symmetrical necklace:
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and then the finished product, as modeled by the lovely Stacey . .
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Miss Cynthia also made quite a few beaded stitch markers, here's but a few:
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and I made just a few and a pair of earrings, which are so cute!
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After having lunch and then hitting Joann's in search of some Cotton-Ease (since it is being discontinued), which Stacey and Cynthia had too much fun shopping. I made it out with no Cotton-Ease(darn it all!), but a pair of collapsible scissors, which hopefully I will have enough sense to not bring on my carry-on this time!

Sunday was spent lazing about watching lots of movies, Hotel Rwanda, great movie, but oh so sad, but very life-affirming. Meet the Fockers, so-so on the humor, but was nevertheless entertaining and later on, a re-viewing of Sideways, which I just adore. And I made lots of progress on Donna and Tempting, see:

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and Tempting here:
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As my bf says, I was knitting most of the days, a good 10-12 hours and knitting exclusively on these two items. I was quite happy with the progress. Today, I may work on turning the heel on my almost-forgotten sock, then I can work on that one in public again.

That is all for now . .

Friday, April 22, 2005

Progress, Little by little

The knitting is going, but man is it slow. I really like my Tempting, especially if I could quit screwing up on 2x2 ribbing! I did finally get through a host of problems I was having. Knitting while talking can easily get me off my track and then a knit lands on top of a purl and it's all jacked. I've had to tink back a row or a portion of a row a few times and actually had to rip about 4 rows back to re-work a portion that was all messed up. It appears to be going smoothly now and I've got just about 3.25 inches done. Lots more to go. I hope to get more knitting done tonight and tomorrow and will post tomorrow, more than likely.

After several attempts at getting cast on for Donna, I finally got the 2x2 ribbing (are we sensing a pattern here?) right. Although the pattern does call for the back to cast on 114 sts, (which is not divisible by 4) and my ribbing kept coming out wonky. I finally decided to just cast on 112 sts do the 2.5 inches of ribbing and then increase on the first stockinette row by 2 sts. Last night, I got some more knitting done on Donna and am almost finished with the ribbing. Hopefully tonight I will get some stockinette done on the body.

I hope to work on the swatch for the Debbie Bliss Tennis Sweater this weekend, but we shall see. Tonight, I'm hanging out with my beau, probably going over to a friend's house and I always bring my knitting there, so I should get a little done. Then tomorrow, I'm meeting with friends to get beads for beaded stitch markers, some lunch and some knitting. Sounds like fun and I can't wait!

Last night I heard about some new yarn shops opening in the Denver area. There's one called Colorful Yarns that will be located in a building adjacent to Sears at Southglenn Mall in the basement? Very odd location, but could be nice. I understand that will be opening soon.

Then a yarn store to rival Showers will be setting up shop near the Highlands Ranch Tattered Cover in that shopping center, although the owner is expanding the space, so no timetable on when it's subject to open. I understand it will be 3000 sq. feet?! And that's right down the road from my job! Could be lots of trouble for me. I also heard about a yarn shop opening in Parker, no further details on that one though.

After hanging out at the LYS last night after work(had to get rid of my frustration from a co-worker by knitting! Yay!). After that, I hung out with one of my friends Susan at her house where we knitted some more and I was fed some of her husband's wonderful bread and potato and ham soup. Yum! Susan also gifted me with some beautiful Noro Menou (I've never heard of it before) in a gorgeous purple colorway with blues, pinks and other colors in it typical of Noro variegated yarns. The yarn is 55% wool, some cotton and silk. Just enough for a vest, I believe and I love it. Can't wait to do something with it for next fall.

As a sidenote, do you think it's really bad if you're slated to go a work-related function and your coach gives your four hours off for it and it only took 1.5 hours that you didn't go back to work early? Instead, finding a nearby book store and knitting for 1.25 hours before heading in to work? I got bonus knitting time in on Wednesday morning.

And for all the knitting I was supposed to get done on Tuesday night, well, I ended up cooking a couple of meals, although I did knit in between preparations. I think I tinked more than night than actually knitted!

Until later . .

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Summer Knitting Lineup

I know I think I'm insane with this idea of what I will get knitted this season, but why should I let that stop me? There are so many things I want to work on this summer and I don't know what will realistically get done, but nonetheless, here's what I have.

1. Tempting in Katia Bufalo in a steel blue-grey color

2. Donna in a dusty grey color in Katia Beetle

3. Cabled V-Neck Tennis Sweater from this summer's VK in Debbie Bliss Cotton Cash

Image hosted by

4. Reynolds' Jenny (variegated in a purple, green, blue colorway) for a seed stitch tank

Image hosted by

5. 4 yarns for multi-color poncho, which is supposedly a quick knit, and all garter stitch

Image hosted by

6. The front or back to a tank, one piece already finished from 2 years before, in Sirdar Rio

Image hosted by

7. Finish the back of a V-neck tank in Katia Bonita (in a red-orange colorway) that has one piece finished and the second piece is 60-70% finished

Image hosted by

Okay, now that I look at it, it's not so-o-o-o bad, considering that 2 out of 7 are in progress already as 1 is very close to being finished, the other still needs a second piece, but still not bad at all. The others have yet to be cast on, Donna, I just cast on and will be working on the ribbing tonight. I noticed a mistake about 4 rows back on Tempting, so I will probably have to rip back, ugh!

My bf won't be home until late tonight, so I get to watch TV and/or movies and KNIT! Yay!

Off to knit!

Monday, April 18, 2005

Update on Cotton Cashmere

Bad blogger that I am, I realized that I never followed up on the Cotton Cashmere Cable V-neck sweater. I did go to my LYS that evening and the color I found Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere Color 11 in a medium blue is an even deeper blue that makes me think it's almost teal, but it's not. There were 14 balls of the medium blue and I chose an off-white color as the accent. I took a pic of just three balls, b/c I was lazy and had put the rest away. Two are the medium blue colorway and one is the off-white.

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I also failed to mention the previous week, Stacey and I met up before going up to Lesley's to trade some yarn. I got this:
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which are totally my colors and the yarn is Lane Borgosesia Clasico, and is a mix of 48% wool, 31% cotton, a little silk and polyamide thrown in. It's a reddish-orange colorway.

In exchange, Stacey took some Interlacements Peru, Image hosted by off my hands. I made the Three Point poncho from
Hyphen Boy Designs and just loved it. Stacey did too and as I had no more use for this yarn, we made a happy trade.

This Friday, the MHC Knitters group met again at Supermodel'sfor a get-together. Sorry I took no pics, but check out Cathi's blog, Michelle's, Felicia's or Stacey's blog for pics. Bad blogger that I am, I didn't take pictures, but I just didn't feel like it, so oh well.

As usual a great time was had by all. Especially getting to meet Felicia. She is a blast and had us laughing all night long! She's really a fun girl. I can't wait till the Mile-Hi Knitters take our show on the road and head down to the Springs to see Felicia. It'll be a total blast!

I wasn't as bad as Stacey, not getting anything knitted on, but do you ever have one of those days where everything you do is destined to fail? Well that was my night. I brought yarn, needles and pattern to cast on for Donna, however, I had the wrong size needles to cast on for it. Then I tried to do a swatch in seed stitch, but because I wasn't paying attention, several rows became 1x1 ribbing. I did however swatch some Katia Buffalo I have in a dusky blue color similar to the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere, but slightly darker to make the Tempting in. That was the only thing that went well.

I did cast on for the Tempting yesterday and have thus far only gotten as far as 2 inches into the body. Here's a pic of the cast-on, just so you can see the picture.
Image hosted by

I went to another knit group, DenverKnits, that meets twice a month, 1st and 3rd Saturdays at Park Meadows Borders on Saturday. I just have to show you what one of the ladies there finished. Linda took a class with Joanne earlier this winter on the Color on Color Scarf from Scarf Style and she presented her finished scarf:
The front:
Image hosted by

and the back:
Image hosted by

I do plan on casting on for Donna soon, but it might not be until this week's end. I want to make a little progress on Tempting b4 starting another project. My main focus is to get started on some projects before I go to NYC so I can have knit on the plane and while riding to NC as well.

I have to admit, I was feeling a bit intimidated by the Vogue Knitting V-Neck sweater. I knew I could do it, but I was a bit hesitant about the extensive cabling in this sweater, as I've done one cable that was a 6-st cable, but it was only one, worked up in superbulky yarn and that was over 3 years ago, so I wasn't sure. I was going to go to my LYS on Sunday and have them help me with the swatch, but once I sat down and read through the cable pattern, I realized it was no big deal. I mean, I will have to pay attention to what I'm doing, but I'm sure I can do it and that took a load off. I will play around with a swatch hopefully during this week, but maybe not. I want to have this ready to be in rotation while I'm in New York as well, but I might start it just before I got, get the ribbing done and have established the cable pattern just enough to be ready to take it on the road!

I find it interesting that I've been finding more and more patterns with texture and cables than I've ever done in the past. I usually liked some textured knits, but don't want to do the work involved in them b/c most of my knitting time is when I am watching TV or with friends. Therefore, unless it's something I really want to do or the piece has some ribbing, seed stitch or moss stitch that is one portion that I concentrate on and then I go back to my mindless knitting. I'm not even sure why I am wanting to do more texture, I was actually starting to feel like I would never most past that, but at the same time I love knitting, so I figure just do whatever is best for you and if I wanted to do more, I would. With all this texture, I'll probably be glad to have my sister's nursing shawl to work on which will be mostly garter stitch with some yos and k2togs to keep it interesting.

Tomorrow, I'll show you what my proposed summer lineup of knitting consists of. I'm probably totally crazy (well, I think most people would agree just crazy!), but I have quite a few items I would like to either finish (UFOs) or cast on and complete by summer's end. We shall see how it goes.

Lastly, but not least, I forgot to thank Michelle for her HTML help with my button last week. Thanks Michelle!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Can't figure out how to publish the button to my template

Any of my blogging friends that could suggest to me how to put the button on my sidebar, all help would be greatly appreciated! When I attempt to put it up, it just shows as blank. The section that says Take Me,well not from there you can't do it. But you can do it from the previous post.


I'm So Excited!

And I just can't hide it! (ha!) Sorry to bring up a song there, but I'm so excited about what else? Yarn! I've been lusting after this Debbie Bliss sweater from the current Spring/Summer 05 issue.
Image hosted by

I've seen Wendy's finished version and a couple others out in blogland's progess and have wanted to do it. I saw this pattern as one that I would save, but who knew when I would actually make it. I like the Debbie Bliss yarn, but didn't want to drop the money required for the Cotton Cashmere. The yardage isn't that great on the yarn and it's hella expensive. I don't mind spending money on yarn, that's obviously not a problem. But at retail prices, this yarn could easily cost me upwards of $100 or more. But, before you think all is lost, there is/was yarn redemption. Last night I stopped at Strawberry Tree, my LYS. You gotta love a LYS that's on the way home so you can stop in on and visit frequently. I hung out there and picked up the new IK Summer issue, which is ok, but I still wanted the mag. Anyhow, I digress. The point is that they have some Debbie Bliss yarns on sale. Whilst looking at some Rowan Wool Cotton and other yarns to possibly make a baby kimono, I wandered around and saw some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora and Cotton Cashmere. When these yarns came out last year, I really liked them, but never got to play around with them. It kept resounding in my head, $4/ball, I could do something with this.

When I got home last night and read someone else's blog about Wendy's finished Tennis Sweater, I hopped over to her blog and then it hit me that it was made out of Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere! All last night I kept dreaming of this yarn and this sweater and how it is my Must-Have! I called the LYS this a.m. and have two colors on hold for me. They have enough in two colors, a beige color and a pale blue. So I think I should be ok in terms of yarn and it's only $56, not incl. tax. I'm way happy. And there's nothing I love more than a sale! Wanda loves to save some money, honey!

And just as good or even better, is buttonbuttonbutton! My friend,Joanne asked me if I had a button and I told her no. So she made one! Isn't that cool? So go ahead and take one! You know you wanna. ;-0
Image hosted by

I decided, at least for now, doing the Continental knitting style isn't for me. I'm not against it, but I also have no pressing need to really do it. My knitting is fast enough for me. I'm not doing it to win a contest (as my friend Susan says) and my stitches are pretty even, so learning a different method isn't to correct anything. I did find that there are lots of different methods out there to purl Continental style and a few great websites with videos, so it will be something I try again.

I finished some things, so here are some pics of those:
The baby blanket for my nephew Chason finished
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to add to the baby blanket, I also worked on a pair of baby socks and a hat, in the picture below you see one finished sock and one in progress, the second sock has now been finished as well
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And something that's not quite finished, but all I have to do is add the pompom. I found this pattern courtesy of Kittyville sans the kitty ears. I should get the pompom done by this week's end.
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I also decided since I was making all of these things for my nephew, I should make something for my sister. A person in one of my knit groups was making a nursing shawl for her DIL. That sounded like a good idea and I have some Encore in a neutral colorway that I think my sister would like. My mother seemed to really like this idea as well.

I'm really happy that I decided to not do the Contintental thing, just because I really didn't feel like working on projects in a different manner at this time. I've just been really ready to knit on some new things for me, so I should just get to them! With that in mind, I'm going to cast on for Donna and probably Tempting in the next few days. I will most likely get Donna cast on today. I can't remember what size needles I used to get gauge for the Tempting, so I will have to play around with that one again before I get cast on, but more fun!

Hasta luego!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Lots to talk about

As many of you may know, the Mile High Knitters met last Friday 04/08/05. We went to Lesley's house in Lafayette and were treated royally. Lesley provided a feast for our eyes with homemade spinach artichoke dip in a bread bowl, pretzels to munch on or dip in chocolate, chocolate fondue with a platter of marshmallows, pineapples, brownies and other sugary treats, real whipped cream and strawberry shortcake, plus wine. I was in heaven. A great time was had by all and many of us admitted we might have ADD, trying to follow all of the great conversations by everyone.

Here are a few pictures from Friday night:

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Michelle, Shirley and Jenifer

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Tamara and Cathi

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me, Cynthia and Stacey

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Cathi and Lesley (the hostess with the mostess!)

The picture of me is goofy, but that is not suprising! I generally am not too enthralled with my pictures. Anyhow, several of the ladies were working on the
Clap. I've been trying hard not to start it, but I think I will succumb. I mean, how can I resist the urge to fall into the wave of the Clap that took over Denver?! I've already decided that I will do it out of sock yarn. I will probably head over to Knitty Cat in the metro Denver area for Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn, as it is fairly inexpensive and I've seen it done in that weight and it still looks great. And that is way to make it more affordable to me. I love Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb yarn, but who wants to spend $30/hank and you need 3-4 of them?!?! That's nice for others, but not for my budget.

My bf got tickets to a Denver Nuggets game. I am not athletically inclined and most sports leave me bored. Basketball is usually ok, except my bf is so into it, that I've watched a lot of these games over the season. Especially as the Nuggets have done better and have clinched a spot in the playoffs. However going to a live game is a so/so experience for me. Since I didn't want to be bored, I cast on for this and got this far at the game:
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which is the second sock for the blueberry waffle stitch sock I'm working on

In case many of you were not aware, over this weekend, those of us in Denver, got to experience the Blizzard of '05! I was snowed in on Sunday and took Monday off as there was even more snow on the road and I didn't want to drive in that. That meant lots of knitting time. I'll show some pics of knitting finished tomorrow. But I'll just leave you with one more picture of the snowy view from Chez WW taken on Sunday (04/10/05):
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With all that snow, you'd best believe no one left our house on Sunday and so much knitting was done. I didn't even get to the computer and watched lots of movies and knitted.

Until tomorrow,

Friday, April 08, 2005

I'm sure most of you have seen the new Knitty. It's a mixed bag for me. I wasn't impressed as I have been with other issues. My favorites are the Ribbon Xback and the Soleil. And I do like the via Diagonale bag and the tie one on shawl-type thing. That is something I think I would really like to make. Otherwise, the rest didn't appeal to me, but I know that is a matter of individual tastes, so oh well. And you know, free is good, so no complaints there.

Last night, I met up with Jon to learn Continental knitting. The knitting was easy, purling was a different story. By the time we were finished, I was hating the purl part. I will attempt to practice it more. I've even considered making the Tempting just to practice that, as it's all in the round, but ribbed. Sure most people would do something small like a hat, but why would I do that? Although I do think I will practice more on my swatch first before casting on and I suppose another gauge swatch in Stockinette (continental) may be required if I'm going to do that, huh? Ugh. Who knows, maybe I won't do it.

Not too much knitting to report today and no pictures (SOB!). I did cast on for the baby hat for my sister's baby and am about halfway through it. Other than that, not much knitting has been done. I will work more on the baby hat this week/end and try to get the baby socks done so I can have some FOs to report and take pictures of the baby blanket this weekend.

I will get knitting in this weekend, though! I'm meeting up with the ladies from the MHCKnitters in Louisville tonight. I may actually take pictures that I'll post this time! (HA!) The last time I took pictures, I still wanted to have friends, so I didn't post them as they didn't turn out very well. I'll also meet with a couple of knitting buddies tomorrow morning and we may hit a yarn store or two as well, so that should be fun-filled and some knitting time.

My part-time job has reared its ugly head again. I didn't have any hours for the past 3 months and was about to quit,(even went into the store to fill out the form and all) and the manager had hours and talked me into working, so we will see how it turns out. It's a retail job and I love the perks(discounted clothing and a little extra cash), but hate all the sales crap they want you to do. I don't know if it will work out as I've really gotten accustomed to having my time off for myself and having a relatively free schedule with lots of time to knit. We're only talking 2-3 shifts a week for now. But maybe I'll try to hang on till May. Another floor set will have happened (so more clothes to shop for) and have enough time to make some money for my NY trip and clothe me and the bf. If I don't like it after May, then I can just quit and not care about it. Although I did find out the new manager there is a knitter, so that's pretty cool.

Lastly on the pattern poll, still haven't figured it all out. I have lots of ideas for summer knitting and while I want to make the Donna, I'm thinking over the Tempting as well. But since I will be flying soon (the 5th of May to NY, NY), I'm thinking that I may start one now and get a head start and start one right before the trip to take on the plane. While I'm in NYC visiting and meeting my bf's family (for the first time), we will also take a road trip to NC for dbf's niece's college graduation (which should take about 10 hours), so I'm thinking prime knitting time, so I should get something finished and something halfway done, right?

That's it for today. Have a good weekend all and I'll be back probably on Monday. Thanks to those that participated in the informal pattern poll.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

What to Knit Next? A Foolhardy Question . .

Whew! I took the weekend off from blogging and yesterday as well. I added some blog links to my sidebar as well as adding the Mile High Knitters Ring, which ended up being somewhat confusing since I was trying to figure out all this html coding stuff. Lots of fun, but I got it done, so I'm pretty proud of myself. I should actually try to learn some of this stuff instead of just copying and pasting, but it works, so eh?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I joined up with Stacey, Michelle and others at Stella's on Friday night and had a great time. One lady there brought along a friend who didn't know how to knit and Stacey taught her how! That was very kind of Stacey. I asked the ladies there for their opinion on yarns to use for Tempting and while Stacey liked the hot pink, most liked the dusty green for its tactile feel. So we're gonna have a poll!
I was thinking of making Tempting or now I'm being less tempted and more into Donna, which would suit a curvy girl like me and I have loads of yarn to do it in. Take a vote.

I made more progress on the blanket that will never end that night. As well as going to another knitting group at Park Meadows Borders. That group meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the cafe. Worked some more on the blanket, still not finished yet.

Sunday, had to work in the a.m., and the time change kicked my butt! No fun, but made it through 6 hours of working and knitting a few rows. One of the few joys of working remotely when I have to work on a weekend for the day job. Finally done with work and I knitted my little heart out until that frickin' baby blanket till I finished it!! Yay! (and the crowd goes wild!!!) No pictures of it yet, because I haven't sewn in the ends nor washed it, but it will happen by this weekend. I also want to knit a baby hat and socks, but those are quick and shouldn't take too long.

Now I'm ready to move on to other things, however, I still have all this obligatory knitting. Sometimes (okay, most times) this starts to get real old. But, oh well. Still have to pick up sts on the boy hat and make earflaps, which in theory, shouldn't be too difficult and then do icord. I also owe a friend a mate to a sock I've had hanging around for over 2 years. Regular sock weight socks I finish. I do not suffer from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), but I do not like knitting dk-weight socks. I even tried to finish it last year, but I didn't write any notes for myself, such as what size needles I used. (I must have thought I would remember these things, ha!) and knitted them on the wrong size, did a different heel than the first time and the sock looked visibly different. And stupid me, I didn't think to check any of this until I was almost to the toe, so I got to rip it all back. I would like to get this to her this year in time for Mother's Day, since she did become a mother this year. And knitting a couple of baby hat and socks for some impending births is about it and then I can get on to my summer knitting. Although the next 3-4 projects will be worked in between other things too.

To leave you with a couple of pics, here's the Katia Beetle swatch I did. The color is horrible, but it's really a dusty green. The yarn is mostly polyamide with some nylon.

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The second swatch is with Cottonella Novita yarn, which is a cotton and acrylic blend in a fuchsia/hot pink colorway. I love, love, the color. I don't think it will be a Tempting. But probably a summer tee. Anyone have a good, simple pattern with a V-neck tee? Here's a pic of the swatch:
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So please feel free to vote and I'm off for today! And to those of you that noticed, I changed my comments to haloscan b/c I don't like the way Blogger requires you to log in for commenting. We'll see how it goes, although I did lose all my former comments. There's a way to do it, but more HTML crap to figure out. Whee! Maybe later.

Hmm, so I tried to do this with blogpoll, but the Tag is not accepted. Whatever that means, so drop a comment instead.

Friday, April 01, 2005


Just wanted to post the picture of the bouquet, so here it is. Sweet guy that bf is. We think he's a keeper.

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