Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

Boy, howdy, I keep thinking I would make it over to ye olde blog, however, I can't access blogger at work, so unless I get the post written up at home, no blogging will ensue.

Thanks everyone for the comments on Juliet. I do like it and have worn it a few times since it's been finished. School has been slowing my knitting down. Some nights after class, I am so tired, I just surf blogs, but can't actually sit down and knit or post. Mentally, it's exhausting. Probably that combined with my new job, a lot for my poor little brain to handle at once, but both are going well, so that's something, right? :-)

I do have another FO to report, but the ends haven't been woven in yet, so that might take a little time. Just a garter stitch scarf I whipped up with some leftovers. I'm pleased with it.

Right now, I've been working off and on the Jaybird hoodie for my friend's son. After I "completed" the body and knit a sleeve, I realized I was running out of yarn when I started the second one. Although the yarn has 687 yards, b/c I made the body far too long (after the sweater was on hiatus b/c I didn't want to rip back), now I'm running out of yarn. So I ripped the body back to the right point, but worked the second sleeve as far as it will go. Now I have to find my place in the pattern for the body and finish it, so I reclaim the rest of the yarn to finish the second sleeve and sew on a button and I'll be done. Sad, but true. This sweater is trying to become the death of me, but I won't let it. I really want to be done with it.

Socks have seen a lot of the precious knitting time that I have of late. I can knit while I read, so a sock is ideal for this type of knitting. I really felt the need to cast on for something new. I wanted a "quick" pair of socks, really instant gratification, but I'm not sure why, you know, since we knit and all. Not much is quick. About a month ago, I picked up some Wool in the Woods Cherub yarn, which apparently produced by Cherry Tree Hill. It's pretty stuff and 100% wool, but a bit thicker than fingering. I'm knitting it with US 3 needles on 48 stitches. It's working up well in the Thuja pattern (from Knitty). I've been using the eye of partridge heel flap and that turns out so pretty with hand-dyed yarns. It's a wonder to me that I haven't used it before.

The Mary Kay socks are moving right along too. I finished the first one and gave it to her a few weeks ago. Since she had foot surgery right before Christmas, Mary Kay has been wearing a walking cast. I felt bad for her the night I saw her at knititng as she was wearing a short sock on the foot without a cast. Since I was kitchenering the toe of the first sock, I gave that one to her. So this pic really is of a second sock, really! Although it looks pretty similar to another pick I put up of the first sock.

In between all of those, I'm also working on a new sweater, Everyday Tweed in some Marisol Hacho yarn. Really gorgeous stuff. Right now, I'm at an awkward part, so I'll put up a picture when it doesn't look so strange.

I was recently tagged with a cute award. I'll be back with that by the week's end.

Happy Friday everyone!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou?

It's Juliet, here to greet you. This one's been a long one in the making, which is pretty sad, because I knit it fairly quickly. Then I outsourced the finishing (haha!), which was just to have some crochet done around the neckline and armholes. But I let it sit for months before I crocheted two loops for buttons and sewed on two buttons on the sweater and called it good.

Because I knit the body of Juliet in stockinette and not garter stitch, the sides tend to curl. The neckline did lie flatter during the day, but by the end, it wasn't as flat. When I took this picture, it was around 8 or 9 p.m., so I was pretty tired, which is why my head is cropped out of the last photo, b/c it just wasn't a good picture.

Project Specs-
Pattern: Juliet
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Taupe, 7 skeins
Needles: US 10 and 10.5
Project Length: Sept 2007-Jan 2008
Mods:Knit body in stockinette, not on purpose, but when I realized I was supposed to do garter stitch, I'd already gotten pretty far with it and decided it was a "design element". Also, I didn't put the garter line right underneath the girls. Didn't think that line of demarcation would be that flattering, so I put it closer to my natural waist and I'm pretty happy with it. At first, I thought I would have preferred my Juliet to be longer, but honestly after looking at pictures of myself in it, I'm very pleased with it. I put the buttons on last weekend and wore it twice. My only thought now is to make one in wool. It's perfect as a topper and I'm surprised at how much I like it.

Ok, just one more FO to go, but honestly, it's so simple, it'll probably get thrown in with a regular knitting post a little later.

Monday, January 21, 2008

FO: January One Monkey Socks

The first FO of 2008. I tried to get it done by the end of 2007, but got tired of trying to meet an arbitrary deadline. In the end, I finished these socks very early on in January, but with time constraints, it's taken me a bit to getting around to photographing them.

I absolutely adore the colorway! These socks, when I worked on them, really flew off the needles.

Knitting with Socks That Rock was a most pleasurable experience. I can tell that I will be knitting with this yarn again.

Not too much say about the pattern because I've knit them previously. I just opted not to knit the pattern on the foot this time and I'm pleased with this decision.

Project Details:
Pattern - Monkey
Yarn - Socks That Rock in the January One colorway
Needles used: size 2.5 mm
Project Length: October 2007-January 2008

Modifications: none, other than knitting sock foot plain. I love my January One Moneys! Sweet!

Oh and Happy MLK day! Don't forget to take a look at the stash sale I'm having.

Next up, a finished
Juliet. Betcha you all forgot about that one. Heehee.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stash Sale, first for '08

Sorry, you may see this post pop up in Bloglines as I update the post for changes in status to various items up for sale.

Hmm, the more I go on, the more I want to reduce my stash. It's still a good size in my opinion, but I've got some goodies up for sale.

The rules are:
1. Please send me an email, not leaving a comment if you want to purchase something. Email is awandaATgmailDOTcom.

2. Price includes shipping. Preference is mostly to ship to the USA. If you're out of the country, feel free to send me an email and we'll discuss shipping prices.

3. All purchases will be conducted through Paypal.

4. Shop early and often! :-)

There are a lot of pics, so sorry to anyone who may be on dial-up.

First up, a skein of Spirit Trail superwash 100% merino wool sock yarn. The two pictures below show the yarn and a sock that was begun from it, but it was ripped. 1 skein, 400 yards. Sale price $19

9 skeins of Reynolds Sedona, 100% mercerized cotton. 111 yards each, light worsted weight. A real steal, pretty plum color, selling it for $15

Patons Kroy sock yarn, two colors. The first is a color, midnight mix, which has greens and blacks. 85% superwash wool, 15% nylon, 203 yards each. 2 skeins is enough for a pair of socks. Price $7

Second set of Patons, color is chocolate brown. Price $7

Elann Lana Cash, 70% wool/30% cashmere. Sport-weight yarn, 256 yards each, 8 skeins total. Price $34 SOLD

Hand-dyed sock yarn, 400 yds, 100% wool. I don't recall much about the yarn, except it may not be superwash. A friend dyed it for me, but the colors came out more pastel than I would have liked. I thought it might work, but it's not my style. Price $10.

Cascade Eco Wool+ 1 Skein, please note the picture shows 3 hanks of Eco Wool, but there is only one for sale. The color is a wine, burgundy color. 478 yards, 100% wool. This is a bulky yarn. Price $13

2 skeins Lang Jawoll, 45 g each of solid blue color, 75% wool/18%nylon/7% acrylic, 210 m each. Each skein includes 5 g of reinforcement thread dyed to match the yarn. 2skeins enough to make a pair of socks. Price $8

1 skein of Brooks Farm Acero (again, I know the picture shows 2 skeins, but one was traded to Mim for another skein in a different color to finish the giant Clapotis). Acero is a "sock yarn" from Brooks Farm, which is heavier than normal sock yarn. It contains approx 60% wool, some silk and rayon. Pretty stuff and the color is a wine red. Price $13 SOLD

It's sweater weather and I have a sweater's worth of yarn here. Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran wool, 85% wool, 10% silk, 5% cashmere 93 yds each, 15 skeins total. Worsted weight yarn in color ricepaper. Price $60 SOLD

Cherry Tree Hill, one of a kind, superwash 100% merino wool. The colors are vivid pinks (fuschsia), purple, turquoise. One skein 400 yds, enough for a pair of socks. It's very pretty, but it's not for me. Price $17 SOLD

Okay, now this picture shows only 2 skeins of Zephyr Wool/Silk, there are 3 skeins for sale, 50% wool/50% silk. color: burnt sienna. Each cake has 630 yards. I started Mystery Stole 3 with it, but true to my form, I didn't finish it and ripped it. One skein was knitted and frogged, but it was only a small portion as I never got very far with the mystery stole. Price $21

Austermann Step sock yarn. One skein over 400 yards. This is the sock yarn that has aloe in it. It's great to knit with, but I sort of oversaturated myself with this stuff to the tune of 3 skeins, so I'm over it, but it's your gain. Price $14SOLD

Ball and Skein sock yarn. 75% merino sock yarn/25% nylon. Different shades of purple. Very pretty stuff and very soft. Price $16 SOLD

Spirit Trail sock yarn in a yellow, maize color. 400 yds, superwash yarn, 100% merino wool. Price $19

Cherry Tree Hill solid sock yarn, bark (brown color). 400 yards 100% merino wool. Price $16

Opal UNI sock yarn, one skein 420 yards. 75% wool/25% nylon. Price $11SOLD

Please remember to send me an email at awandaATgmailDOTcom and that all prices do include shipping in the US. If shipping out of the country, please be advised that the shipping price will be additional to the price listed.

If you don't see anything here you like, but you're in the mood to shop from other's stash, go see my friend Jeni's stash sale.

I'll be back, perhaps tomorrow, with an FO.

Monday, January 07, 2008

An UFO makes a re-appearance

Since the New Year began, I decided to cast on for a new project. It only seemed appropriate, however, I also put another project on hold. Ribby Pulli just wasn't holding my interest right now, though, I know, I will love the finished project. So off to a project bag, to hold it, till I get back to it.

However, a friend's son was turning one this past weekend and I realized I had this children's tunic hoodie that was never completed. I think the length of the hoodie is a bit long, but I figure I'll just knit the sleeves a little long and hopefully he'll get an extra season of wear out of it.

I think it was last January that I had project ennui and put this down. How fitting, that it has now been picked up again in the New Year. I'm working on the Children's Tunic #232 for my friend's son. I started last December in a yarn that I haven't seen before, Filtweed. It is a 65% wool/30% acrylic/5% viscose in a dk-weight. Still has enough wool weight, that it feels fine to knit with and it's a tweed yarn. It runs about $14 or $16 for a skein, but each skein has a put up of 250g for 681 yards. I really like it. I may get more for M2 to make him a sweater. Something machine washable just makes sense for him.

For the skimmers, well, you know I am always verbose, so here's your picture:

Where I left off on this project was right at the turning hem. I realized I'd knitted longer than required for the length and was loathe to rip it, so I stowed it. Good policy huh? I guess it's a good thing that kid's knits go so quickly. I went ahead and just finished the garter hem and am almost done with the hood now. Hopefully I'll get to the decreases done and kitchener (graft) the hood. Then, once I'm done grafting the hood, I'll kitchener the foot on the second January One Monkey sock, as well as the first of the
Mary Kay socks.

As much as I think that I'd like to post more often, with my new job and school starting (tonite, yikes!), I know that's just not possible. I told myself that I wanted to post at least once a week and that's been helpful to me. I do like to blog, but sometimes let other things keep me from blogging. My once weekly schedule seems to be working, thus far, so let's hope I am able to keep up with it once I have assignments and deadlines to meet.

Till next time . . .

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007: Knitting Year in Review

It's that time of year, to take stock of the year that has passed and think about what is wanted out of the new year.

Looking through my blog records, I found that of the projects documented, I completed 25 projects, in 2006 I completed 31 projects.

At first, I was a little disappointed that I didn't complete more, especially in the way of sweaters. It seems I only completed one sweater, Ariann. But of course, there was the sweater debacle, which brought down my sweater total.

In case you want to see the run-down of knitting projects:

2 baby burp cloths
4 dish cloths
2 fingerless mitts
4 scarves (Fair Isle Jazz, Farrow Rib, Chevron and My So-Called Scarf)
2 tanks (Ballerina Camisole, Lacy Rib tank)
1 sweater (Ariann cardigan)
8 pairs of socks
1 hat (Rasta hat)
1 lace scarf/shawl(Diamond Fantasy Shawl)

Of course, this year I also went back to school to complete my bachelor's, which cut down on knitting time on bigger projects too. Oh well, I'm not sweater it. It's definitely not a race to compete against myself. And my productivity will probably drop again this year. I'm starting a Master's program in Human Resource Development next week. Fun times, eh?

I also knit a whack of dishcloths and didn't think that anyone wanted to see a bunch of them, as some are quite plain, but they were useful at home, and that was the main purpose.

Looking back on my 2007 knitting resolutions:

1)Knit more socks. The sock yarn stash (as well as other stash) has been thinned throughout the year, but more keeps joining in. My main focus is to continue to knit socks and mix it up with more patterned socks this year. Done, done and done! I knit 8 pairs of socks this year. Pretty good and I'm very happy. Of course, now my sock drawer is getting full, but I'm not complaining.

2) Knit more lace, which should not be a problem as I love it. Eh, not so much. I still love lace. But lace is not intuitive for me, so it goes slowly. I did complete Diamond Fantasy Shawl last year. However, this past year I also cast on for Juno Regina and Hanami, but as the weather gets colder, I'm less inclined to knit laceweight.

3)Learn more techniques, primarily short-rows. I did learn short-rows with Ballerina Camisole, but it can be perfect.

4)Focus on the structure of garments and really learn what looks best on me and not fall for every project which looks bad after. I feel I'm better in this department that I used to be, but sometimes still fall prey to this. Also, just working more on the fit of an item. Each time I knit a garment, I learn a bit more and that's always a good thing. Hmm, not much to say here, still a work in progress.

5)Knit more from stash. It looks like this goal was 50/50. Not too bad, I think. The knit exclusively from your stash for 6 months didn't work out at all.

5)Enjoy knitting, it's not a race and just have fun. Shouldn't be a problem there.

I decided to drop the knitting resolutions for 2008 as I am doing monthly goals instead.

I hope to be back soon with a finished object, or at least WIPs.

See you on the other side . . .