Monday, April 16, 2007

FO Monday

Okay, two posts in one night. Pretty unbelievable for me, I know. As new projects seemed to have jumped on the needles with willy-nilly startitis, I started feeling the need to finish some things. One of them was the languishing Fair Isle Jazz Scarf. Truthfully the knitting was finished a couple or even a few months ago, and I fringed one end of the scarf, but never felt like doing the second side. Since I had issues with making tassels, I took the easy way out and fringed it.

So, a crappy bathroom mirror pic, but seeing as how I don't know when my photographer would be available, this is what you get. Besides, I just wanted to "get er done." And that has happened. As much as I enjoyed knitting the scarf, well, at least the fair isle portion of it, the scarf is really too wide for any true usage, at least imo. When I finished it, I really realized how wide it is. I'm a little less than thrilled at its utility, but quite pleased at how it turned out. It truly is a great (for me) piece of knitting and I learned a lot from knitting this. I feel that I've conquered my fear of cables, at least more advanced cables than what I normally did. Although I've conquered it, I still don't enjoy cables, but I can do them and that's what counts. I really enjoyed fair isle, I can see more of it in my future.

On my head is my completed Rasta Hat. Yay, I finally finished it. I sat it down for at least a month or more, hmm just checked the archives, ok, about 2 months and finally realized that picking up the stitches for the brim wouldn't be so bad. Which was totally easy, but in my head I'd made it so much more difficult, that I left it for awhile. I worked on it on Sunday evening for maybe 1.5 hours and the hat was done. I really like it, but it is very warm.

Project Specs:
Fair Isle Jazz Scarf from Scarf Style
Project length: Too long, started January of '06-end date April '07
Size needles: US 7 (4.5 mm needles)
Yarn used: Cascade 220 in various colors
Modifications: not really, but I subbed Cascade 220 versus Mission Falls 1824 Wool. Don't be scared off by the time it took to complete this project. I put it down for the summer and the cabling took me awhile to work through, but once I did, I could hardly put down the fair isle, which was apparently the part I enjoyed the most.

Project Specs:
Rasta Hat pattern by Shannita Alleyne-Williams (featured on Knitty Gritty)
Yarn used: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (3.25 skeins and boy was I was a little ticked that I needed that 4th skeins but oh well)
Needle size used: US 8 for the "body" of the hat and sz 6 US for ribbing, as well as elastic knit in for the ribbing
Project mods: none, worked as the pattern was written. Because I wanted to use yarn that wouldn't leave deposits or fuzz in my locs, I chose to go with the DB Cash Aran, which is the some of the yummiest stuff I've ever knitted. It's a bit pricey to use 4 skeins with about 90 yds each, but I did get some of it on sale, so it wasn't so bad. I wouldn't mind making a sweater out of this stuff, but it would be so expensive, so that would probably never actually happen. I'm very pleased with the hat and it's so warm. Not the best time to use it now, but it will be great for next winter. I love how the decreases on the top of the hat have this perfect star formation. I didn't notice until I took pictures, isn't that funny?

Back to the books people!

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