Sunday, November 18, 2007


It's pretty hard for me to post without a picture. It feels a bit worse to post a recycled photo, but really Ariann is really all I've been working on. It is coming along slowly, but it ever boring to knit right now, with the super-long rows. I keep thinking that with all these decreases, it will get shorter eventually, it just doesn't seem to be happening yet.

I'm really a bit bored with the sweater, but I know I will love the outcome, so I continue to slog on. Plus, I've also got Ribby Pulli (scoopneck version) on the needles and if I keep switching to knit on it, I will soon be at the point where I will have to cast on for sleeves. If I finish both sleeves, then I will be joining more stitches to the yoke and knitting and slogging through an unbearable amount of stitches again. Gee, does this sound familiar at all? ;-)

What I'm really looking to sink my teeth into next is the Gathered Pullover from the latest Interweave Knits. It also starts as knitted in the round, bottom-up and then split at the armholes. I really want to make this. The pattern calls for sport/dk weight yarn to be knit at a larger gauge for drape and fluidity. I know this is supposed to work, but really the sportweight yarn I have, I swatched up to size 8s and still didn't have the right gauge, but the "openness" of the fabric was a bit too much for my liking. I'm just having a hard time believing this would work for the sweater and not be too open. I dunno. I'm thinking of just using a worsted yarn that would knit to this gauge and calling it good. Perhaps I would lack fluidity or drape, but I think I'd be ok with it as it.

The other issue with this sweater is minimal, but the sweater has rolled edges, which I don't love. Those sweaters tend to roll up too much for my liking (gee, picky much, it seems). I can't decide on an edging, seed stitch, ribbing, but it just dawned on me to preserve the style of the sweater that I like so much, to hem it instead. Hmm, there must really be something to writing things out, eh?

The job is going well, btw. Thanks to everyone for their well wishes. I'm really happy to receive them and will try to thank people personally in email. I just have access to my home email when I've left work and with the transition to a new job and work environment, I'm pretty tired when I get home.

You may have noticed that I didn't put up a November goals post. There are a couple of reasons for it, some of it was because I felt I was too ambitious last month and part of it was because I knew starting a new job and didn't know how that transition would affect my knitting projects. The first couple of nights, I was too mentally drained to even knit. But slowly I started picking up the needles and a few rounds here and there have happened.

I did finish the first Monkey socks. Haven't cast on for the second sock, but plan on doing so shortly. I also cast on for a different sock (stockinette) in some of Mary Kay's fabulous yarn. This is actually a pair of socks for her. The deal is I knit her a pair and then she gives me enough hand-dyed sock yarn for a pair of my own. Lovely deal, eh?

Well, that's enough blathering from me for one post. Next up, a fabulous concept of Paying It Forward. Soon, I'll be paying it forward to a couple few of my blog readers.

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