Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Throwback Tuesday (or whatever-Day-This-Post-Lands)

Just under the radar for Tuesday. This is a segment that I've wanted to do for quite some time. I didn't really feel like talking about my current knitting. Nothing wrong with it, although my time is a bit limited. I'm just not really inspired by my own knitting, so instead I've been trolling the blogs in the evening.

Some bloggers have discussed their older knitting projects and how they've held up over time. I've always found this refreshing and while this is something I'd like to do occasionally. It's a feature that won't be every week or on any regular schedule.

Today's segment will feature a couple pair of socks. Socks, you might ask? Not really very exciting and yet it is relevant. A pair of Opal socks I finished in July of last year have already bit the dust. And no, this was not some 100% merino yarn that bit the dust, but Opal. Opal is my steadfast, go-to yarn. It still is, but these socks did not hold up.

I got the yarn many years ago. This was when Opal was very hard to get and a couple of friends and I all chipped in and bought a "surprise" box of Opal sock yarn on eBay. A German seller sold nine skeins of Opal sock yarn in various colors and we paid about $20 a piece and each got 3 skeins. I think this yarn was in my stash for about 5 years. Perhaps it "aged" a bit too much.

However, after the socks were finished, I noticed a hole in one sock. It looked like a dropped stitch. I was a bit mortified, but I finally sucked it up (like 2 months later) and grabbed some of the leftover sock yarn and attempted to mend the hole. I put away the socks and happened to pull them out over the holidays. Now the second sock has a hole, but it isn't a dropped stitch. It's as if the yarn had a blowout and the stitch "burst" or it was ripped. If you look in the picture below, you can see what I mean.

Now, I'm just over the pair of socks. I had a lot of problems with the socks to begin with and frankly, I'm always knitting socks. Losing one pair of socks isn't a huge deal. I think I have about 16-18 pairs of hand knit socks in my sock drawer and none of them had worn out yet, considering that I've been knitting socks for over 6 years.

Also dusted from the archives are a pair of socks knitted by Sockapalooza pal in 2005. The socks are absolutely beautiful. However, they were always a bit tight through the heel. I've really never worn them out. I have worn them once or twice around the house, but never out. I never wear the socks, so these are going to my mom. Pink is her favorite color and they should fit her just fine.

And I've been the lucky recipient of one of the latest awards going through the blogosphere, a Make My Day award:

Kat,Amanda and Sarah all nominated me. I was really touched by it.

There are so many bloggers that make my day. I know I'm behind as usual with this {meme}, so I'm not tagging anyone, nor am I listing any blogs. Really everyone makes my day!I love reading knitting blogs.

Ok, now, I'm off to bed. I mean, really, does anyone want an even longer post than what's already posted for today.

Happy Knitting all until next time.

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