Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

Boy, howdy, I keep thinking I would make it over to ye olde blog, however, I can't access blogger at work, so unless I get the post written up at home, no blogging will ensue.

Thanks everyone for the comments on Juliet. I do like it and have worn it a few times since it's been finished. School has been slowing my knitting down. Some nights after class, I am so tired, I just surf blogs, but can't actually sit down and knit or post. Mentally, it's exhausting. Probably that combined with my new job, a lot for my poor little brain to handle at once, but both are going well, so that's something, right? :-)

I do have another FO to report, but the ends haven't been woven in yet, so that might take a little time. Just a garter stitch scarf I whipped up with some leftovers. I'm pleased with it.

Right now, I've been working off and on the Jaybird hoodie for my friend's son. After I "completed" the body and knit a sleeve, I realized I was running out of yarn when I started the second one. Although the yarn has 687 yards, b/c I made the body far too long (after the sweater was on hiatus b/c I didn't want to rip back), now I'm running out of yarn. So I ripped the body back to the right point, but worked the second sleeve as far as it will go. Now I have to find my place in the pattern for the body and finish it, so I reclaim the rest of the yarn to finish the second sleeve and sew on a button and I'll be done. Sad, but true. This sweater is trying to become the death of me, but I won't let it. I really want to be done with it.

Socks have seen a lot of the precious knitting time that I have of late. I can knit while I read, so a sock is ideal for this type of knitting. I really felt the need to cast on for something new. I wanted a "quick" pair of socks, really instant gratification, but I'm not sure why, you know, since we knit and all. Not much is quick. About a month ago, I picked up some Wool in the Woods Cherub yarn, which apparently produced by Cherry Tree Hill. It's pretty stuff and 100% wool, but a bit thicker than fingering. I'm knitting it with US 3 needles on 48 stitches. It's working up well in the Thuja pattern (from Knitty). I've been using the eye of partridge heel flap and that turns out so pretty with hand-dyed yarns. It's a wonder to me that I haven't used it before.

The Mary Kay socks are moving right along too. I finished the first one and gave it to her a few weeks ago. Since she had foot surgery right before Christmas, Mary Kay has been wearing a walking cast. I felt bad for her the night I saw her at knititng as she was wearing a short sock on the foot without a cast. Since I was kitchenering the toe of the first sock, I gave that one to her. So this pic really is of a second sock, really! Although it looks pretty similar to another pick I put up of the first sock.

In between all of those, I'm also working on a new sweater, Everyday Tweed in some Marisol Hacho yarn. Really gorgeous stuff. Right now, I'm at an awkward part, so I'll put up a picture when it doesn't look so strange.

I was recently tagged with a cute award. I'll be back with that by the week's end.

Happy Friday everyone!

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