Thursday, October 02, 2008

Not in a Blogging State of Mind

Whew, it feels like September just flew by. I know I said it in my last post that I was busy. I'm sure everyone else has been busy too. I just didn't think I'd be away from the blog this long. I have been missing the blog and feeling the need to reconnect with my peeps. I just never seemed to have enough time to get everything done.

Even though the blogging has been scarce, there's been knitting aplenty! I've really been hitting the squares (for the Barn Raising Quilt). I think it's time to slow down on the squares and finish up some sweaters. I still don't have a finished object to show and that is starting to wear me down, because I'm close, but not yet done with anything yet.

Flutter Sleeve Cardi is still going. I'm finished with the body knitting; however, the cardigan band stitches are held off to the side while you knit the front(s). Afterwards, you knit the stitches that were on hold up to the length of the cardigan. Dude, this part is so boring. It takes all of my energy to keep knitting it. I'm just wondering why the heckfire I didn't just knit it with the front altogether, instead of as an additional step. I have a feeling that I will not be knitting the additional flip of the cap sleeves to allow it to be turned up and tack on a button in the center of it. I think I will just do the seed stitch border on both sleeves. I'm getting to the point where this sweater needs to be finished soon.

Hey Teach is moving slowly, but I'm close to being finished with the first front. When I cast on for this cardigan, I read many others' comments of making the sweater a bit longer, as it is a bit short for my taste. I added more length (than was necessary for my short stature and even shorter torso) and now the sweater is a bit too long, but oh well. I guess it will have to be ok, because I'm way too lazy to go back and rip the back. If that happens, this sweater may never be finished.

Although my sock knitting mojo hasn't up and left me, I feel like I'm barely making progress on my socks. Probably because all of my knitting with tiny needles has been on the barn squares. Hmm, things to ponder. Anyhow, the Apollo and Artemis socks by Kirsten Kapur of Through the Loops are moving along. I initially started out knitting the Artemis sock. While the idea of fraternal socks is cute, I'm more of a pair girl. But (and there's always a but), I did not take into consideration while I was knitting the second sock that I did not pay attention to the directions. The directions start off with Artemis and then there is a spot for the Apollo socks. I knit the first sock following the Artemis sock pattern. The second sock, I read the pattern, but I didn't pay attention to which one I was knitting, until I knit a repeat and thought how different the sock looked. It turns out I was doing the second pattern and not the first. Hence, I am now knitting fraternal twin socks. I thought about ripping them out to begin again, but really it might be sort of fun to go against my nature, every now and again. Besides, I actually really like the look of it.

The second pair of socks are for M2 in Red Rocks Fiber Works colorway, Jeni's choice. I have taken to calling them candycorn socks. These socks are knitted in stockinette. They are moving a bit slowly, but there is no deadline for these socks, so they'll be done when I get them done.

For Socktoberfest, Kirsten (of Through the Loops) is hosting a Mystery Sock KAL on Ravelry. I've signed up. Because really, what's one more pair of socks?! Ha!

Well, that's it for me today, but I will be back soon.

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