Tuesday, November 18, 2008

FO Report: Artemis Socks

Hi all,

I'm happy to be back and with a finished project. A pair of socks using MaryKay's  yarn. I really adored the pattern, although I opted to not make a pair of fraternal socks, but identical socks. Of course, I loved working with MaryKay's yarn. The colorway, DrinkMe, is beautiful and I couldn't wait to cast on with it. But after casting on for the first sock and making great progress, I let the sock linger.

I finally finished up the socks a week or two ago. When I knit up these socks, I think I should have made a smaller size. The foot on one sock is larger than should be. Or I suppose I could have knit the sock a bit tighter on a smaller needle, hmm don't know, but I love the socks. They're a bit large. I could always give them to someone else, but I doubt that will happen. I may try to intentionally felt them, we shall see. I did love the pattern. I'm sure I will knit them again.

Project Specs:
Pattern  Artemis Socks  by Kirsten Kapur
Yarn: Red Rocks Fiber Works Snowmass Sock Yarn in Drink Me colorway
Modifications: none, knit as written using 64 stitches

I'm happy to have knocked a project off the needles. I am still working on the Ribby Pulli. Both sleeves have now been finished, now to join them to the body so that I can begin yoking! :-)

Please be sure to check out my friend Mary Kay's new yarn shop. You've heard me talk about her yarns before. They are so beautiful to me. She truly has an eye for color. Now, she's not just available locally, but worldwide. You can find Mary Kay at her Red Rocks Fiber Works online shop. Mary Kay doesn't just do yarn, but also does fiber. You won't be disappointed!

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