Friday, February 10, 2006

A plethora of FOs

Thank you everyone for your kind words. I'm very relieved and happy to pass both tests! It's now all out of the way and I can just focus on the regular training which is only 8-5 and then come home to a semi-normal life. At least it's not all hectic most of the time with frantic studying, so I'm happy for that. Normal, as it were, that's a whole different animal.

Anyhow, there's snow on the roads which means I need to leave early for work, so here's a few FOs for your viewing pleasure.

Something that I'm sure is a surprise, is the viewing of my Marilyn NSS Cardi. Mine is not as shrunken as the original and is a bit longer in length, but still short enough to have a long-tail shirt hanging out, so I'm quite pleased with it.

and one from the back:

Project notes
Project: Marilyn NSS Cardi
Yarn used: Jo Shark DK Wool in color, Cyclamen (006)
Size needles: Size US 4 for body, size US 2 for turning the hem

I was originally helping Wendy test-knit this pattern for a larger size. I ended up making a combination of 38 and 40. I wanted a 40" for the bust, just so that I had enough room to wear a shirt underneath. I think if I'd stayed with my bust size, it might have been a bit tight, although the button band does provide some extra room too. I really like the sweater, but I'm not really happy with the button band. I think because I opted to use bigger buttons than the size the pattern called for, I should have made the button band a little wider. But I don't know if it's enough to make me do anything about it. Probably not. The more I wore it yesterday, I loved it. And I wore it to work and received lots of compliments and no one knew I made it until I told them. All in all, a great knit.

Next, we have the
Cabled Scarf pattern. The pattern uses Karaoke, but I figured my Noro would work just as well and guess what, it did. It's a skinny scarf and only used about 1.5 balls of my 3 and it's way long, but I love it. I'm usually not a skinny scarf girl, but it's great and very colorful, which I love.

Lastly, we have the Regia Strato socks. I've finished them over a week ago, but have yet to get a picture for the blog, so no time like the present.

So just in time for the Olympics, I've got three projects down. Fair Isle Jazz is hanging out at the cabled section. I just haven't had the time to get more done. The i-cord gloves have 5 fingers (not enough for one hand though), just need 5 more to go. And I finished the first 2.5 inches of M's sweater ribbing (which he loved so much, he wanted the whole sweater in ribbing, on size 3 needles, thank you very much!). After much discussion, I decided that while I loved him, if he ever wanted the sweater in this millennium, then we would go with the sweater pattern and so we did. There's probably something else I left out, but oh well.

Today I get to cast on for my Olympic project and I'm tres excited about that.

Later all.

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