Thursday, February 02, 2006

Not Much Knittin' Happenin' Here

I realized I posted last week 3 times (which is also unheard of for me), but all of those times, I don't think I posted any of my knitting pictures, just asked for suggestions. Pretty funny, at least to me.

Anyhow, thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, suggestions and comments regarding my cousin's situation. I found out yesterday that the doctors have determined that she does not have cancer! So thank you all for your encouraging words. My cousin has had so many female problems throughout the years, that when she had some very serious pains a few weeks ago and had to go to the hospital, after further examination, this was their diagnosis, but after they sent her labwork, biopsy and x-rays, etc. to a surgical oncologist, they said they did not see any cancer, but that she would probably have to have a hysterectomy. Since I don't live nearby, I've been relying upon info from my mom, but since she recently moved from my hometown (to Atlanta to be near the grandbaby), she's not in the loop as much either. I received a text message from her 2 days ago stating that she had surgery scheduled for yesterday. When I called yesterday evening to hear how the surgery went, that's when her husband told me there was no cancer and that she had the hysterectomy. I'm very pleased to hear that.

I decided to make her the scarf, as she doesn't strike me as the shawl sort. And I gave her mother the mohair scarf I made last year in December and apparently they were "fighting" over who got to keep it, therefore I will make her her own. And with that in mind, I'm going to stay in the Olympics. I'd heretofore decided to drop out, but now that she is well, I'm going back to my original plan.

Since I started my new job a couple of weeks ago, I have to be licensed in Series 6 and 63 for my job. Very stressful and lots of reading about mutual funds, variable contracts, NASD regulations, bonds, stocks, taxes, etc, etc, etc. Blah, blah, blah, very dry and boring stuff, except some of it was actually interesting just to read about in terms of investing and learning more abut this stuff, so leave it to me to find the one interesting thing. My job is paying for us to study for 3 weeks, 2 for the 6 and 1 week for the 63. You can fail one (and many people do, it's just that tough), but not both. If you fail one, you can retake it at least 30 days later. I definitely do not want to fail the first one as it's over 300 pages of information to crush into my tiny brain. But I took the test yesterday and PASSED it! Yay for me! I'm so happy. I almost fainted after seeing the test results. Trust me, here in the WWK household, things were tough, I was v. stressed, the ever-wonderful M attempted to calm my nerves the night before the test, but nothing would soothe the savage beast called, "Oh, my God, if I fail, I could lose my job" woes. Which is typical me getting all stressed out. I passed it, not by much, but you don't get extra points for passing with a 90, you just get the distinction of passing. You only need to get a 70 to pass and I did by the skin of my teeth and that's all I needed. I still have one more to go, but it's not nearly as much information as the 6. So obviously that's where my mind has been as of late and thusly, why there's been no updates nor much knitting happening.

However, I did cast off for the "body", if you will of Spork and am now on to the strips that need to be knitted. I started them last Friday, but have knit on it since. I'll try to work on it this weekend and possibly get the side panels done and the reinforcing strip. After that, who knows what will happen, but basically the knitting will be done.

I did finish the cable scarf, but I still need to work some tassel/fringe on the ends. But here's a progress pic in case you're interested. This one was at least semi-better lighting.

I've completed all of the fair isle stuff for Fair Isle Jazz, so this picture is also inaccurate, but that would require me going upstairs to take a new picture and sorry, that's not happening either today. I'm at the cable part, but I don't even understand how to execute these cables nor the bobbles, but it will be going on hold until after the Olympics anyway.

The i-cord gloves are coming along, albeit slowly. I don't know if I will get them finished before the Olympics, but oh, wait, I forgot the Superbowl is on Sunday, so I'll have plenty of knitting time then!

I also plan to cast on for my cousin's scarf sometime soon. I may be working on it in tandem with the Hourglass Sweater for the Olympics. We'll see.

Progress on M's sweater has been halted and I'll explain that in my next post. Off to work to study more.

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