Wednesday, February 22, 2006

10 Fingers

I posted one picture a couple of weeks ago about being hooked on knitting i-cord fingers and then the project never made another debut. They are still on the knitting lineup, although they got pushed aside for a time as I tried to finish up some projects in time for the Knitting Olympics. Sadly, I wasn't a real contender for the Olympics, but that's okay too.

I did finish knitting all ten fingers and I've put them all on scrap yarn. I was really motivated to knit these i-cord gloves when I saw them, but right now I'm not as in love with them, although the fingers were relatively painless. However from following the pattern exactly, I had to go back and reknit some of the fingers as there were too many stitches for my fingers. I reknit one finger 4 times before I got it right. Thankfully knitting a finger only takes about 30-40 minutes, but still. I was going to knit the whole glove on dpns, but I was curious to try it on 2 circs and as my Inox circs are fairly cheap, I went by my LYS and bought 2 on Monday. I hope to work on these more this project this week. We'll see.

I went back to knitting on M's sweater as I've finally made it through the 2.5" of ribbing (k1, p1tbl) on size 3 needles and moved up to my (bigger?!) size 5s for the body. After one row of increasing evenly, the rest of the sweater just starting moving so quickly. As of now, I'm at about 18 inches into the body. Men have such freakin' long torsos. I was going to make the Port Orford Pullover, which has about 15 inches of stockinette, a couple of purl ridges on the rs and then about 9.5 inches of double moss stitch. As I was getting nearer doing something a little more interesting, M decided the body needed to be longer (28" instead of 26") and that he wanted the body to be all stockinette, which is fine. I love knitting stockinette, usually in the round, but no matter. 28" is a whole 'nother matter, but oh well, I'm over halfway there. You can't see it in the picture below, but the yarn when knitted up in stockinette looks like it's cabling with every twist, so it looks really good. This sweater will definitely take awhile to be finished. But here's a progress pic just for you:

M was pretty impressed by the length of the sweater from last Monday night when I was just disgusted with my "Olympic knitting" and switched to his sweater. And to answer Cynthia from the comments a while back ago,Yes, I can knit at work now. At least in my training class, the trainers are totally cool and everyone asks to see what I'm knitting next. As a lot of it is lecturing, it's pretty neat that I can knit. The only thing is now M's sweater is getting heavier, so not quite as much fun carting it around, but I'm going to keep working on it so I can finish the back soon (w/in the next couple of weeks, so I can start again with the front). I really want to get as much of the body knitted while in training, b/c there are lots of hours of just lecturing in class, so I enjoy getting to knit and pay attention. And that's lots of knitting time that I won't have once the job actually starts. I'm all about taking advantage of the time I have!

Well, speaking of that place called work, I do have to go there, so hasta luego.

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