Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Blogiversary and other musings

There's been a lot going on, but as usual little time and/or inclination to post. That sounds pretty bad, but my time now is so limited. Anyhow, at this time, there's no reason to give excuses why I don't post as often as I did (not that it was that often to begin with), but I will post when I can, period.

I missed my own blogiversary, March 31st! This blog is over a year old. Over a year ago, I met some local bloggers and made a great group of friends from that group that I consider my girls and love to hang out with now. By meeting those local bloggers, I was encouraged (by them and my own desire) to start a blog. I'd been considering it, but that really pushed me over the fence. I still felt like I didn't know who would want to read what I might possibly have to write about. Sometimes I still wonder that, but I love that I've found a community of people that are as obsessive about yarn and fiber as I am and understand my compulsion to knit obsessively. It's been really fun, this whole blogging thing and I've made friendships IRL and online that I never expected. Happy Blogiversary to me!

From my last post about my KADD, I've heard a lot of comments about that one. Just to address that point, as you can see from my previous post, I do finish items. And those that won't get finished, do get frogged. I think right now, with the change of the seasons, I'm getting antsy to begin knitting spring and summer items and the things I've been slogging on are just not that exciting anymore to me.

The i-cord gloves are to be picked up for the fall as I'm really not caring about them at all. The Bliss cardi is just awaiting a zipper. I haven't had time to go search for a zipper and at this rate, might just order one from Zipperstop and have it added in. I've mostly been knitting the socks. After finishing the one Opal sock, I did knit another sock, but it wasn't the Opal nor the Lorna's Laces sock, it was actually with yarn gifted to me via Carola. Two socks do not a pair make. It's actually a shorty sock since I have Carola's leftovers and wasn't sure how much yarn I had to make myself a pair of socks. But because I didn't want the Opal socks to linger and I do have all of this knitting time at work, (in between calls). I figured I'd take advantage of some of the additional knitting time when possible. I'm at the heel flap on the second sock, so progress is being made. I wanted to finish the second shorty sock, but figured I should have a bit of discipline and finish the first Opal sock. After the second shorty sock, I'll eventually get back to the Lorna's Laces, but right now, I'm not too enthused by them.

I guess M's sweater will need the front to be cast on and worked on it intermittently, although once it gets some weight to it, it will be put down during the summer, b/c it's wool and that will get hot. Sticky heat combined with wool = 1 unhappy knitter!

Sorry for all my ramblings with no pics, but next one I will have pics of the new sock yarn I bought. I got some pretty stuff!

Thanks for listening . .

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