Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sundays are for finishing

Does it even matter that today isn't Sunday, but two days past? Good, I didn't think so either. First off, I guess I lied. I really thought I'd post by the weekend. I'd also planned on having some friends over, esp. Stacey who'd never had the chance to visit my stash. And after hanging out at Zenifer's that evening, it was a day full of knitting. When I woke up Sunday morning, M'd left early to take care of some things and I thought, now is the perfect time to get up and start sewing up Bliss. Yes, dear readers, most of the knitting for Bliss is done. I still have to sew up all the pieces so that I can pick up stitches around the neck for the collar too, but that part won't take terribly long, esp. since I don't plan on making it as high as it's called for in the pattern.

I got up thinking, yes, let's work on the Bliss cardi, but you know what I did instead? Before I could begin the finishing work on one sweater, I needed to finish another one, one I posted about a gazillion ages ago (probably December), a little baby sweater that had been sewn up, but the ends hadn't been all woven in. I was energized to do so. Now let's hope the little tyke it was to fit can still wear it. I might have to make something else! Yikes!

Saturday evening into Sunday morning, I also finished 1/2 of a pair of socks. The first Opal sock that I've been working on. I think it might be from the Lollipop collection, but I'm not positive. I bought it with some friends as a grab box of Opal from a lady in Germany over 3+ years ago, so it's hard to tell. I just love this sock!

The sad part is, after finishing it, I do want to make the other sock, but I really have a desire to knit some other socks right now. Hmm, I really don't need to have any other projects on the needles either. I technically have 6 projects on the needles, although Bliss will still be on the needles for a bit. I've got the sleeves attached to the body, as well as one front attached to a sleeve. I've still got the other front to attach to the other sleeve, seam up both sleeves and seam up both sides. Weave in some ends, as well as then picking up stitches. I want to work on the collar, but at the same time, I feel like I should weave in all those ends now and then do the collar, so that I'll just have that to do. Oh yeah, that and the zipper. The zipper does go all the way up to the collar. I figure I will wait until it's done or have an idea of the zipper and shop for it locally and then take it in to be finished at the LYS. I'm so not doing it myself. I'm very excited to finish this cardi.

I've decided for now, the i-cord gloves get to be in time-out, not that they've misbehaved, but I'm not too excited by them, but hopefully I will be motivated to finish these things since the fingers (the hard part) is done. I just need to join the fingers together and start knitting the body of the glove. Hmm, when I write it down like that, it does make me feel that perhaps I should start working on it again. Right now I have 6 projects, seriously a case of
KADD, Knitter's ADD. More than 4 makes me crazy. I can finish one, put away another one and then I have 4. I'm not too motivated on M's sweater right now, but I think I should keep plugging away. Even if I only do a couple of rows on it, once I get through the ribbing of the bottom, I've got miles of stockinette and that's great for knitting nite with the girls, no thought required. Hmm, if I put on a couple of rows every week, it will at least make some progress which is better than sitting in a bag for awhile. I do have until December of this year, per M to finish it, which means more time. The problem is when I get a long-term deadline like that, I tend to put it off until closer to that time. Not good for M and his sweater. I feel like I can put it in the closet for awhile and work on new projects for me.

After 20 minutes of browsing other things, I thought I'd come back to this blog post. I've been toying around with the idea of making either a ribbed cardigan or a V-neck pullover for myself with the Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere. It was originally intended for this sweater,

Last spring, I really liked it, this year, maybe not so much. When I think of the sweaters that I typically wear, they are mostly stockinette or ribbed sweaters. Those are my favorites and the ones that get worn the most. I have no aran sweaters or cabled sweaters. I enjoy knitting cables, but in other things. I've not worn it in a garment and can't say that I would like it or not. I don't think the tennis sweater is the one for me and I'm not that certain about the colorway either. As most of you know, I really like the brighter colors and also jewel tones look best on my skin.

Debbie Bliss Cotton Cashmere
I bought this color combo b/c it was on sale at my LYS last year and I thought the combo wasn't too bad, but this color is not really growing on me. It's a bit blah. More denim-y blue or a pale idea of teal. Maybe a smoky color, just a bit washed out. So that's not moving me either. I'm thinking this color may go back. The more I look at it, I'm not that excited about it.

I do have plenty of projects for the spring/summer, perhaps I'll go dig some of those out. That sounds better to me than this project.

Well, now I really do have to get ready for work. This post started one way and went on a whole different tangent. That's what I love about blogging. Once I sit down to write, I really enjoy it. Somedays though it is a process.

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