Tuesday, August 29, 2006

*Birthday* Fun

That's right, you read right, it's that time of year again. I was going to let the birthday announcement slide on the blog, but then some of my knitting girls decided to spoil me and I couldn't not mention that. I promised my next post would be about my knitting projects, but between projects for work, surprising Michelle, seeing Cynthia off, and oh yeah, celebrating my birthday!
Yep, that's right. My knitty girls took me out to dinner last Friday, then spoiled me with yarn and a gift certificate to one of my favorite LYS', Colorful Yarns.

So I've been a bit busy, eh? My actual birthday was this Sunday, August 27th, but we celebrated early, M and I on Saturday evening as M2 was at his mother's, which meant a kid-free night out. I had to take advantage of that. I was a bit pooped from a presentation I did for work, which freaked me out just the tiniest bit, but it was okay and I lived through it, so it was a low-key weekend for me. I thought about posting, but then I just wanted to enjoy the weekend, so the posting happened today instead.

I had a most enjoyable weekend, which was kicked off by the girls: Jeni, Stacey, Kim, Michaele and Tiffany, all taking me to dinner at an Italian restaurant, where we had such a good time eating and hanging out with each other. Then I was gifted with some lovely things. Stacey's mom, Marsha, gave me some Lorna's Laces sockweight yarn in the beautiful colorway Irving Hill, one that I've coveted! Thank you so much Marsha! And then the rest of the girls, including Nachaele who was working on closing on their new home!, Cynthia (who is sadly now relocated to Boston for school, all you Boston knitters that read my blog, go meet up with her now, one of the coolest girls you can know), and Michelle, who was gone to get married!, all chipped in to give me a skein of Lorna's Laces laceweight, Helen's Lace in the Lakeview colorway and a gift certificate to Colorful! Thank you so much girls! I was so overwhelmed. Any gift of yarn is always appreciated, but Helen's Lace and a gift certificate. And no, Stacey, I haven't spent it already either. I'm going to let the gift certificate simmer for awhile and think of what I'd like to do with it. No hurry as I have plenty of yarn.

The second picture below is a beautiful bouquet my sweetie surprised me with on Saturday.

It was a great weekend and wonderful way to spend my birthday. Really, more on knitting in the post to follow, possibly as early as tomorrow! ;-)

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