Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mystery Stole Dropout

In one of my joiner moments, I signed up for Mystery Stole 3. Hmm, it was sort of surprising that I did this, as it is totally against my nature. I love reading mysteries, but don't want to knit something that I don't already know what the finished item will look like. Because I had some lace gifted to me last year by my Lace Swap Pal, I thought this would be good to appropriate to Mystery Stole. But as I have about 1800 yds, I do feel I should use it on a shawl that uses a lot of yarn.

As I began knitting on MS3, so excited for my first clue, I was a bit surprised at how long it took for each row and these are not huge rows as it's a stole, not a triangular shawl that grows each row. I've gotten up to row 80 on the first clue, but I'm not feeling it. As I see others finished (up to clue 2 or 3), I don't really like the design. Nothing wrong with the design, it's just not my preference. M looked at one and labelled it a "table runner". It does sort of resemble one, but it just doesn't float my boat.

It's interesting on the list b/c someone said they didn't really like this design and decided to stop knitting it. Another list member said this was like a lace knitting workshop and that the person should finish it and give it to charity if they don't like the finished result and everyone had to determine what they wanted from the knitalong, her goal was to challenge herself. Obviously everyone can do whatever they want, but that response sort of chapped my hide. I totally disagree that you should just finish something because you started it, that's ridiculous in my book. It's a beautiful design, but not one that I would choose. Just because it's given to me, doesn't require my finishing it. Knitting Mystery Stole isn't for me to challenge myself. It's a more advanced lace design and I guess I don't feel the need to challenge myself with this. I actually feel like I challenged myself working on DFS.

So Mystery Stole is a mystery no longer. It's been ripped out and I'm ready to start some new lace. I'm in a mood for socks and lace right now, probably due to the heat. No desire for tanks right now, just lightweight, portable projects.

Above is a pic, but not a great one for Mystery Stole, as it wasn't pinned out. Sorry for the crappy shot, but I don't much care as it's all gone now.

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