Sunday, July 17, 2005

State of the State of Knitting!

I held off posting this long b/c I anticipated having another FO, but alas, that hasn't happened. I did bind off on Tempting, unforunately no pics to show. I started trying to weave in ends and got disgusted and turned it in to my LYS to have it done. Sad, but true.

I do still need to do one bit of finishing on my red-orange tank out of Katia Bonita and then it will be a true FO!

Oh, I do need to tell you tha the MHC Knitters met up again, this time at Lesley's, who is always a fabulous hostess. We had a great time with mango margs (Cyn, you were missed!), melted queso, 7-layer dip and green chili casserole and other yummies. Jenifer, Michaele, Shirley, Tami, Anne, Natalya, myself and Lesley were present. We had a great time and some titillating conversations that ran the gamut. Sadly, I took no pictures, which was a shame, as Lesley had the great idea of wine stitch holders to mark our glasses and the stitch holders were our gift to take home. Such a sweet and crafty touch, Lesley! Thanks again for having us over.

Just to show you that things are getting done, I cast off the sleeves for Donna. Now I just need to block it. But until I get a blocking board, or even get supplies to make one (thanks for the suggestions, Jon), I think I will just strip the bedding in the guest room and pin it out there. I would like to get this thing done soon. Here is Donna laying around being lazy:

To show progress on the Triada:

Yep, that's right, I ripped it all out. I was concerned that it would be too tight, as a fellow blogger, Michelle's did. And I wasn't feeling the love. I joined it and I was all excited, but shortly thereafter my excitement about making it died. And life's too short to work on projects you don't like. So I dropped out of the KAL and ripped it out on Friday night.

Something new I did start is a project from my Summer Knitting Lineup, which is a Sirdar Tango Slash Tank Top. I'd started the back of this project over two years ago, got confused on one part and just left it laying there for 2 years. Since I got some major projects almost out of the way, I feel that I can dedicate time to finishing this over the summer. Especially since it has a little shaping to it, but all stockinette. I'm just going to dive in and do it. Here's the back in case you were interested. I love this color blue.

That's it for today, but thought I'd pop in for a quick post.

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