Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Summer Knitting continues

Hi all and a belated Happy 4th of July! I've been pretty busy as of late, although not with a real job, but with taking classes through an outplacement agency my former company placed me with. I'm very excited about taking the classes and actually figuring out what it is I really want to do and getting a great resume put together. So that's where I've been, as well as working some during the holiday madness of this past weekend at the part-time, which is nice for some small additional income.

In knitting news, there has been lots of knitting going on. I did finally finish the One Skein Wonder. I made the next size up b/c I was concerned about the sleeves not fitting my arms, which was good that I did and instead of picking up stitches and doing ribbing all around in 2x2, I did a seed stitch borde, which I like. I may try it on another one in ribbing just to see which one I actually like better. Sorry no pics today, but hopefully in the next post, which might be tomorrow as I have a day off from classes tomorrow.

I also cast on for the Triada, which is a KAL, I joined a few months ago and had never started. No progress on the Tempting after the try-on. I lost my needles for a few days and then when I found them, I was too busy finishing up the OSW and working on the Triada shawl/thingy. Thanks to everone for all the comments on the Tempting try-on shot. I will respond back to people soon, I promise. Many things have been happening right now and when I feel overwhelmed, I just duck back in my corner. I did decide to take several people's advice on the Tempting and make it a bit longer, perhaps another 1 to 1.5 inches in the "boobal" area, so that the girls don't try to escape, do the eyelet row and then maybe 1/2 an inch more. After the eyelet row, I may just try it on again and see how it works then. We'll see.

No progress on the sock unfortunately. It's still languishing. And I've started the sleeves for Donna and am past the ribbing. Since Michaele is hosting a knit night next Friday at her house as a finishing party, my goal is to finish the sleeves for Donna and finish the knitting on Tempting. So I have to stay focused on my knitting this week to get these two items finished, so that I could sew in some ends and sew up seams. I'll keep you posted.

Well I must go to get my day started. Happy knitting y'all!

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