Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Bestest Birthday, oops, Pre-Birthday Ever

That's right peoples, over here at Chez WWK, a birthday is coming up. Not until this Saturday, but I'll be a whopping 33. I never get really excited until the moment arrives, but I'm starting to get some anticipation going now. Some great friends and fellow knitbloggers gave me some gifties last night at another knitting meetup. Cynthia, Stacey, Joanne, Michelle and Amy all got together and got me a little sumthin'-sumthin' for the birthday, which was really quite sweet and I was more than a little surprised!

I got a goodie bag of knitterly treats and what knitter doesn't enjoy knitting treats for their birthday? Or heck, any day?
So here's what I got:

Some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in bright colors, red, orange and yellow. Some Patagonia cotton in a pretty chartreuse, a straight needle cover, beaded stitch markers, a varsity "W" set of sticky notes, some Stash Chai Spice Tea and a gift certificate to Tattered Cover! Thanks again, ladies, this was truly unexpected and a great gift. Really got me in the spirit of my birthday!

Since my last post, a lot of knitting was done. I was able to get away for the weekend (yes, again!) and hung out with some friends. Lots of knitting was done, although I still didn't get cast on for Eris. I left the chart key behind and of course you start with the collar, which is full of cables, so it hasn't started yet. So since I didn't have that to work on, I made a lot of progress on the Sockapalooza socks. I'm down to the decreases for the toe on the first sock and have done a few rounds of the pattern on the second sock. And a new project was cast on as well.

It's the
Thandi scarf from Jo Sharp Gathering, Book Number Five. When this book came out 2 years ago and I saw that scarf, I had to have it. The fear of yarnovers/lace took over and the yarn has sat there for a couple of years. At home, I have a small woven basket that I keep yarn in for small projects, such as some ladder yarn for a scarf or two, 3 yarns for a 3-color hat and mitten set, other yarns for scarves, etc. It's there for me to pick up something simple and mindless when I need a break in between projects, especially something simple as a garter stitch scarf out of novelty yarn. Easy and mindless and it uses up some of the yarn laying around. However, most of those projects are still sitting there, never to be started. I happened to dig around in the basket to get some remnant yarn and found the 4 balls of mohair I had to make this scarf. I found the book and took it with me for the weekend. Since I only had one other project going, this was perfect. I'm enjoying the lace too. I had a 4th color that was too dark to partner with the other 3 colors which are pink, grape and lime. Then I chose another color which was too light, more of a cream-color with variegated tones of light purple and brown. So I finally found the color I wanted originally that the shop I purchased it from in Seattle didn't have at the time, which is this Chai color, a muted brown, which I think will go perfectly with the other colors.

The pattern calls for 9 balls of yarn total, but the width of the scarf is 12" and 98 1/2" long, which is just too long. I took out two of the lace repeats, which should make it approximately 7-8" wide and I will knit till I'm out of yarn. If at that time, I want it to be a little longer, then I will a ball of each of the other colors, but I think it will be long enough and the mohair will keep it nice and toasty, but the lace will give it room to breathe, so I'm excited by my lacy scarf!

I'm still thinking more of fall knits now. I'm a bit undecided on the Eris, if I should carry on or not. I think what bothers me most is I feel that I don't have the skills to do it, but I know that I do and I can learn the rest, because hello, knitting is a process and I continually surprise myself with the things I learn. I'm mainly wanting to chicken out, but I need to at least try it, so we'll see.

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