Friday, August 19, 2005

Tuesdays are for . . .

Knitalongs, according to Alison. Today however, is not Tuesday and since I've managed to not post an update with my Sockapalooza socks for many weeks, I thought I would go ahead and get that all out here now. Without further ado, I present the Clover Lace Rib socks from Sole Solution Sock Challenge. Please note, if you go to this link, it is for a .pdf download that is 2.82 MB. It's 99 pages of sock patterns, but there are lots of neat ones and I found this one that is perfect for my yarn.

The yarn I'm using is Lang Jawoll Cotton, which is a mix of cotton, wool and nylon. I'm loving the colors and almost wanting to keep it for myself, but I'm really hoping my sock pal likes them. Now that this is my second pair of socks using some sort of pattern, I'm finding myself really liking them. And I do like my bit o' lace in this pattern. I've turned the heel in the first sock and done all the decreases around the foot, so now it's just straight knitting on the foot until I get to the toe decreases (keeping the sock in pattern of course). While taking M's son to the dentist yesterday, I cast on and did about 1.5 inches of 1x1 ribbing of the second sock. I was quite pleased with that progress. Plus casting on for the second sock makes me more focused on the task at hand, which is to finish these socks soon!

In other KALs, I joined a local Rogue KAL, although in fact, I'm doing Eris. I haven't gotten gauge yet, but I will work on that more on the weekend. Here's just a sample of the yarn I'm using, which is BlackWater Abbey in the Ocean colorway.

Isn't the color just beauteous? I love it.

Oh and something I can't forget to mention, is one of the Secret Pal Angels sent me a care package while I was gone, a couple skeins of yarn. A skein of Wool in the Woods, 100% worsted weight yarn and some of her own handspun in a beautiful colorway that is a wool/merino blend that is just gorgeous. Thank you very much Courtney.

What I hadn't mentioned about Secret Pal was that mine bailed on me. She started out emailing me initially and even posted a comment when I was laid off that she would be sending me a package in the next few weeks. I also received a nice ecard from her in mid-July saying that things had been hectic, but that she would get something in the mail soon when life slowed down or something of that nature. By the beginning of August I was too through with the madness. I try to be understanding, but sent her an email, which is to the secret email address that I'm sure isn't checked frequently, saying if she wasn't going to participate she should just tell Rox, the SP5 coordinator, b/c I was pissed and tired of the waiting game. I didn't join SP5 for all the gifts. I truly enjoyed buying things for my SP, Libby. It quite ironic to have my secret pal be someone I know and for months having to hide it from them, but it was a lot of fun. It was disappointing to not receive Secret Pal gifts, but that was okay. I was disappointed b/c someone signed up and didn't keep their end of the deal and I'm sure they had a pal that sent them things, but they bailed on me. That's what sucks. My so-called Secret Pal never replied to my email, as I figured and I emailed the SP5 coordinator and asked her to contact the person who supposed to be my secret pal and she didn't get a response either, therefore, a lovely angel was assigned to me and within a couple of weeks I had a nice present. I think in the next instance of SP, I may sign up to be an angel. I think that's such a nice thing to do when someone's been burned. A sort-of restoration of faith in humanity and all that nonsense, but it does make you feel better. So enough with the rant of Secret Pal.

Have a good weekend all.

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