Sunday, August 14, 2005

Update from Atlanta

Well the weather here has been mostly rainy, although it did manage to get hot the past few days. The trip to Atlanta has been pretty interesting. I've had a great time getting to know my nephew and learning all sorts of things in reference to babies, which was kinda cool and scary, all at the same time.

I even got to buy some yarn as we hit a yarn store in Lawrenceville. I was quite happy to have found a store in Lawrenceville, which is near my sister. I also thought I might have time to go back and sit and knit before I leave, but alas that will not happen.

My little nephew is back in the hospital as of Friday, so no more trips to the yarn store, but hanging out in the hospital is the name of the game right now until my departure on Tuesday morning.

One of these days I will have an update with pictures, hopefully once I get back to Denver. I have been making great progress on the Sockpal-2za socks. Well I am to the heel flap on one and beginning to pick up stitches now. This is my second pair of socks doing some sort of stitch pattern and it's really fun. At first I thought I was crazy, slightly out of my mind, but really nothing new for me. I am enjoying the pattern work though. I hope to cast on for the second sock soon. I might start the ribbing on the plane, just because I don't enjoy doing it and I will have plenty of time to do 1x1 ribbing for 2 inches with no interruptions.

I also started swatching for Eris. My local friends started a KAL for Rogue, but I decided the pattern is beautiful but I'm not much for hoodies at all, so I decided to skip it. Since I'm marginally in the local KAL by doing Eris, I wanted to get gauge so I could start casting on here, but that doesn't look like it will happen. I didn't bring enough of the right needles to be able to get gauge. I'm using BlackWater Abbey yarn in the Ocean colorway, which is really beautiful. This is wrosted to aran-weight yarn and I used size 6 needles and am not getting the right stitch gauge and I think I will need to try size 5 or 4s to possibly get 8 spi for row gauge, so I will have to wait till I get home.

Enough babble for now, I'm using a computer in the hospital which is pretty neat, but I can't linger forever on it.

Another good thing re: my visit here was going bridal gown shopping with my sister. We did find the dress and she looks beautiful in it.

Later all . . .

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AmyB said...

Sorry to hear your little nephew is back in the hospital... I'm sure your family is so grateful to have you there! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your works soon-- I've got to get going on my sockapalooza socks PRONTO! :) Safe travels home, hope to see you this weekend.