Monday, December 19, 2005

Greetings from the Arctic Tundra

It's been awhile since my last post. I would like to tell you that I've been terribly busy, and while I have been somewhat busy, I still could have posted. Mostly busting my hump to find a job, although there has been much knitting happening too. Mostly even with all the other stuff, I just wasn't in the talking mood, per se, so no blogging ensued. But I felt like surfing blogs yesterday and today, so I knew I was in the mood to blog too.

When last we spoke, I was working on M's hat and that one is now finished, but I never was able to catch him long enough to actually take a picture with him in it, but he does like the hat.

Since I'm in the hat-making business, I decided to use up the rest of my purple Cascade 220 to make myself a hat and use some of M's charcoal grey Cascade 220 leftovers as stripes in the hat. The stripes were random and I'm totally loving this purple color. I don't know what it is about this color, but it calls out to me. As usual, sorry for the goofy pic.

Amy hosted a contest last week (% days of Christmas) and I won a lovely prize from her. I never win anything and then I won a blog contest, so that was a lot of fun. She sent a great prize and of course, anything with candy goes fast. It was packaged so prettily and then of course everything was devoured.

inside of contents:

There were holiday mint M&M's with peppermints (and I know how Amy loves her mint m&ms, I was surprised she could give some away), a copy of the Yarn Harlot's first book and a tin of Apple Cider, which is something we love around here! Thanks again Amy! It was fun to play!

When I came back home in December, I decided I would get to work on those baby sweaters I've been promising. Since this picture, I've even finished those sleeves. Now all that is left to do is the front. In my mind I have a Christmas deadline, which is silly b/c I won't even see the mother by then, but I'm plan to finish it at least before the end of the year. I still have one more to do, but I will work on it after the first of the year. I will do it either in baby blue Encore or perhaps the Oatmeal color, still unsure of that one.

And just to show you that I'm still knitting on Spork, a progress pic of it:

I'm putting it down for a bit, as the last time I knit on it (rather manically) my wrists began to hurt and since I plan to knit a hat for M2 before Xmas day and start on the sweater for M, that will sit in time-out for a bit. I also plan to knit on Marilyn a little bit today. Maybe make a bit of progress on the 2nd (3rd) sleeve.

That's it from the nuthouse . .

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