Saturday, December 31, 2005

The year of lists (and knits)

The year that was 2005 was fraught with changes, transitions, deaths, births, and new friendships. 2005 was the first year that I started blogging even though I'd been blogstalking others for years. Blogging has been very interesting as a form of communication and learning more about myself and others. By blogging, I was able to better categorize my knits and see just what I did accomplish knitting-wise, although it's not really to see how much I did and then to try to improve it for next year, but just to see what all I did. If left to my own devices, my poor little brain just forgets it all.

What I accomplished knitting-wise this year:
1 poncho
baby blanket for Chason
Baby hat and baby socks for Chason
Blueberry Waffle socks (for me)
Earflap Cap (hat from Kittyville) for M2
Nursing shawl for sis
Summer poncho
Rio Tank top
1 Katia Bonita tank
2 OSWs
1 Thandi Mohair Scarf
Clover Lace Rib socks (for sockapalooza pal)
2 baby raglan sweaters (one for Chason, one for Kieth)
M2's shorty socks
1 pair fuzzy feet
Hippy-chic cardigan
1 pair cabled rib mittens
M's hat
my hat
1 pair of handwarmers

WIPS carrying over to 2006:
1. Spork
2. Marilyn NSS cardi
3. M2 earflap hat v.2.0
4. baby raglan sweater
5. Sideways garter stitch scarf
6. Regia Strato stockinette sock (top-down)

Knitty resolutions for this year:
1. Knit more socks (I have enough yarn to make 24 pairs of socks!) Last year, I really slacked on the socks. This year, I want to make at least 8 pair of socks. Pretty ambitious, I know, but the sock stash needs to come down a bit. If I don't make a significant dent in it this year, the sock bin may be revisited later on and some sock yarn sold or traded or just given away. There is alot of self-patterning yarn and I know some of that I'm just not as keen on anymore.

1a) Of those 8 socks, at least 3 pair should be knit using some sort of pattern and not just self-patterning and self-striping sock yarn, but an actual pattern. I think Jaywalker will be coming up soon.

1b) I have enough yarn to make two pairs of Lorna's Laces socks as well as 4 hanks of Koigu KPPM to make socks. This year, I want to make socks using one type of each yarn this year. Yarn is to be used not to just rest in the stash for ages, especially the purple variegated Koigu KPPM which has been resting for at lest 4 years, time to be used or get gone!

2) Most of my resolutions are really related to socks. I do want to knit more sweaters, but I must start and complete M's sweater this year. I also want to finish another if not 2 sweaters for me by this winter's end. Libby from Rowan Cork Mag and Cavern Cardi from Cosmicpluto. I don't really want to go too much further than that, as who knows what I will want to finish my next year's end.

3) Knit more for Chason. Whatever that takes, it needs to be done. Once I finish something else, I do plan to make a pair of baby mittens for him.

4) Knit a pair of gloves. This is slightly frightening for me, so I definitely want to do it this winter.

5) Learn more techniques. I would really like to feel more comfortable with short-rowing, so I will probably apply it to socks as I'm thinking I might like the short-row heels better than the heel flap. With the making of the Jazz Fair Isle scarf, I will get to practice fair isle a bit more and I will be happy to do that. Practice cabling more (perhaps cabling without a needle) and learning to knit backwards. Those are the goals thus far, who know what else may be added.

6)Also knit the Debbie Bliss V-neck Tennis sweater this spring.

7) Make more cardigans, see the Cavern cardi above as well as for Spring/summer as I am always cold.

8) Make and finish a Clapotis.

Personal resolutions:

1) Treat those I love better. Keep in touch more with friends and family.

2) Exercise more. For health's sake, I need to work out as well as trim some weight from this body. I am simply not meant to carry this much weight and I got off-track earlier this year and never really got back to what I was doing. Now is a good time to start.

3) Cook more homemade meals and eat healthier.

4) Make time for myself and M.

5) Read more.

I think that's enough for now. If I keep going, there will that many more things that doesn't get done for next year.

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