Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wedding Stuff and I'm Back

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone that stopped by and left comments on my Hippy-Chic cardigan. I do totally love this sweater. I took it with me to Louisiana and my mother really liked it as well. I think she was pretty impressed with my knitting skills even though she does think I'm a bit obsessive with it, but why is the obsessive knitting thing not a surprise to all of you? (teehee)

To anyone looking for real knitting content, come back tomorrow b/c today it's all about the wedding today. I had a great in Louisiana even with my mom and sister trying to drive me nuts. All I can say is, my sister planned a great wedding, but I don't have the stamina for all the stuff for me personally. Everything she set up was so classy. My sister ended up going with the first dress she tried on while dress-shopping when I was there with her in Atlanta earlier this summer and it looked beautiful on her.

We got to have a pretty raunchy bachelorette party and then we went out. I tell you, I felt old b/c I cannot party with my sister's friends. (We differ in age by six years with me being the older). My sister even planned to have my nephew Chason christened the day after the wedding, so I was able to be there for that as well. It was all a great time, but one that I was happy to come back to my home afterwards. 11 days is a long time, but it was well worth it. One thing I learned was no matter how much I love my family, after a few days, I always need a break.

I thought I would show some pictures. The first is of the wedding party w/bride and groom and the attendants:

Unfortunately the person taking pictures with my camera did not get one of the bride and groom by themselves, thusly I show you a picture with the bride and groom and the pastor:

One of my favorite pictures here is my sister at the reception in her wedding dress sipping on champagne (probably the first moment of rest she'd had all day!):

As I mentioned before, there was also an infant dedication (which I've always know as christening, so I'm sticking with that term from here on out). Below is a picture of the parents and my mother (the grandma) holding Chason while the pastor speaks:

This picture is of the Happy Family after the christening taken at the church:

The highlight of my trip was getting to see my nephew Chason again (although of course it was good to see my mother and sister as well), but Chason was the star event. He's now 6 months old and is so active. He was teething while I was there and he has the darling habit when being held to pull on your face and either kiss you on the mouth or bite you! (while pulling your hair) and let me tell you that kid has a grasp like you wouldn't believe. And he loved to pull on my glasses, although I tried to cure him of that habit rather quickly! My sister bought him a Christmas outfit with a tartan plaid vest and matching newsboy cap and black velvet pants. It was so cute and it was to be worn while taking a picture with Santa Claus. His first Christmas! This picture was taken after his big day out with the man in the red suit:

And that my dears is it for this post. It is really long enough. I will try to post more tomorrow. With this frigid weather we're having in Denver, I've been knitting furiously on a hat for M.

And one last thing, today is my friend Cathi's birthday! Be sure to stop over and say Happy, Happy Birthday to her! I hope you have a great day Cathi!

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