Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Things are looking up

First of all, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Kwanzaa to those that celebrated. Things are/were pretty merry for us this year. Santa came to visit and one child was the happy recipient of an iPod nano (and no that wasn't for me!). And I had a job offer the week before Christmas, so Wanda was a very happy girl as well!

To celebrate the new job (which I started last Friday), I bought a little yarn! Really just a little, but String had some luscious Lorna's Laces in the Shepherd Sport (or Worsted, I can't remember) and some Koigu jumped into a bag and followed me home!

The Lorna's Laces is the Shepherd Sport in Valentine colorway with no plans just yet for it. Perhaps a scarf? How could I resist the beautiful colors of Valentine? And the Koigu is so pretty to me, I just loved it. I was debating between the two and finally decided to just buy both. The Koigu will be a pair of gloves, using
Nona's pattern for I-cord gloves. I think it's an unique way of knitting gloves, with credit to Meg Swansen, and I want to try this "top-down" method of knitting gloves. Seeing the fingers done as i-cord makes gloves seem less scary to me.

In other stash enhancement news, I missed the sale at a LYS in town that was having a sale yesterday. For 2 hours, the sale was 30% off, but after getting up early to work at the part-time gig at EB on Monday, which was supposed to be only 4 hours of markdowns for the huge day after Xmas sale, I ended up being their for 7 hours, with no lunch break. Therefore getting up early yesterday for the sale was just unthinkable for my poor, tired body. And in case you're wondering, I started the new job on Friday (1/2 day), then had Monday and Tuesday off. Today it's back to the salt mines!

I have been knitting and was knitting somewhat fast and furious until mid-week last week and then it just slowed down. We were trying to get all the last-minute gifts together and my bf waits to the last-minute to shop for things anyway and it drives me crazy! Anyhow, in between all of that, I had 5 interviews last week (the week before Christmas!), which was really strange to me, but nonetheless that was a good thing as a job offer did pan out. And just in time before the unemployment bennies ran out completely.

M2's hat is not finished, although this is the result of 2 days' worth of knitting:

This is using the "Official Kitty62 hat", and no, it will not have the pointy ears. But it is a great basic pattern with earflaps and icord dealies hanging down. I made one earlier this year in red/blue stripes, but he has a new winter coat and that hat doesn't match. I'm pretty close to the top and doing decreases now, so I'll soon be finished. I just need to switch over to dpns and I haven't done it yet.

On Xmas day, I started a sock, just so I would have something small and portable to knit, so yes, there is another project on the needles, but this is not nearly as distressing as an actual sweater. I've decided to keep the sock in the car, in the case that I need some emergency knitting, when I'm not prepared I'll have something handy. The colors are very pretty and it's Regia Strato.

And just to show you that I have been working on Marilyn NSS, here's a progress photo of that second sleeve:

And that sleeve has been finished since that picture was taken too. I guess it's time to get the other buttonhole band done and then I'll be done with the knitting. That's my goal to get this thing finished before 2005, so now I know what I'll be doing tonight, working on the buttonhole band. After that's done, then I can block it and begin sewing in ends, but no seaming to be done. And of course tack down the hems. I've never done anything with a knitted hem before, any suggestions on how that's done?

Other than that, I really want to get M2's hat done soon, maybe by next week. As well as finishing the baby pullover and doing the seaming work for it and the other baby pullover for my nephew. Then I can cross a couple more off my list and have one more to do. But I'll be pleased to have these finished.

Well off to work and all that. I'll try to post again by the week's end. If not, best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!

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