Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Since the Knitting Olympics bust, things have been quiet here. Sure, my project for Hourglass didn't work out, but now I'm on to the other things, namely M's sweater has been growing steadily, now we're up to 25 inches. Oh, the humanity! This sweater will be the death of me. I'm now to the point where I'm just tired of it and this is still the back. Maybe I'll knit a sleeve or two to next before getting back to the body. I actually didn't mind it in the beginning as I was zipping away making 7 inches or 10 inches, but as this beast grew approaching the twenties, it just became heavier and heavier. But I will press on. Just for size representation, here's another pic. I won't show you another one when the front piece is finished, b/c honestly, it looks the same, just bigger and the front and back will have stitches on stitch holders to make the collar is the only weird part of it.

Since then and this is probably one of my Olympic faults is that I am unable to stay monogamous to one knitting project at a time. Though I've been working on the beast, I've also started a new project, the Bless cardi (scroll down the page to find it), although I will make the collar a bit shorter as I don't really like the stand-up collars much. In theory, I thought a would, but in reality they fall underneath my hair and it's a bit of a pain. I've really been whipping through this project, of course it helps that it's being knit on size US 11s! Gotta love that. I'm planning on wearing this one mostly at work as I'm always cold, so it seemed a good idea to knit at work too. I'm juggling this and M's sweater and I really can't wait to get a sock on the needles again. Thus far, I have a completed back and sleeve and am up to the raglan armholes on the left front. Progress is going much swifter on this project obviously.

One thing you shouldn't do, is try the sleeve on by yourself with no help and determine the sleeve is just gargantuan. Instead, take thee to your nearest LYS and then have them try it on and it looks normal. The LYS owner told me that it's really difficult to try it on yourself without having a flawed idea of what it looks like. I went in describing that my sleeve was too big and I needed help resizing, well no help was needed at all except to tell me it was right! I was happy about that news. Maybe next I'll do the next sleeve, so I'll only have one more front to go! Hopefully I'll be able to bind off on the first front tonight.

Something I'd neglected to mention that I'd joined was the . As a result, I sent off a package to my sock pal and received a package from a different pal. I did receive my package last week, but unfortunately I've been a bit removed from the computer and blogging for a week. My pal (who sent me stuff) has left me comments twice on my blog, but one was before I received and one was left afterwards, but unfortunately you left me no email or blog address so that I could thank you. All the way from Australia, I received a surprise box of yarn, stitch markers and TimTams.

Thanks very much Katt! I do appreciate the package, it was very sweet of you to include the stitch markers and the biscuits. My stepson wanted to dive into them immediately and instead only held off for a day and demolished most of the package, but they were very tasty!

That's it from this corner of the world, now off to work!

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