Thursday, October 05, 2006

Today(Monday) was a good day

Sadly enough, I've been meaning to post this since last Monday. I went all the way in to work and was told that I actually had the day off. I politely turned around and went home! Who was I to argue with the vacation day that I forgot I took? Obviously I needed that. It turned out M was off too, although I knew that when I left to go to work, so we got to hang out. It was a great day. And the mailman made me very happy. First off, Esther of Pink Purls sent me this lovely KnitPicks Andean Silk that she had leftover from her beautiful Irish Hiking Scarf. Now, I can make one of my very own! Thanks Esther! This stuff is so soft, I love petting it.

Then, I purchased some yarn (yes, I know, bad, bad!) from Amanda of Clothes Knit. She was having a stash sale and giving away the KP Alpaca Cloud (6 skeins there)for the price of shipping, so I decided to pick up the KP Wool of the Andes in Fern, pictured below the Alpaca Cloud for a Backyard Leaves scarf.

I've been hemming and hawing about my purchases of yarn as of late. I've been really overboard and seem to have problems stopping. I did go through my yarn again this weekend and got rid of more yarn that I know I want use and donated some of the baby stuff that I just didn't like any longer or never want to knit with to charity and purged some of my old clothing and took it to Goodwill this past weekend. But the buying of yarn really needs to stop. I know that I will always buy yarn, but in the quantities I have been buying, it's been adding up. I still have room in my bins where I store it, but I'm not trying to fill it completely up either.

I've been thinking that I would but myself on a yarn (aacck!) diet, but I'm not sure how well that restriction would work for me. I don't do well with any out and out restrictions, so I think a no yarn-buying but for one day, pretty much like Stashalong, right, one yarn buying day per month. I'm also limiting my intake of knitting-related books and patterns. I will allow myself to purchase yarn for gifts for babies. I have some yarn that I can use, but I won't stash yarn, but if there's yarn in my stash appropriate I will use it. If not, I will allow for yarn purchases for babies because a) it doesn't take up much yarn and b) for a gift, I use the yarn pretty quickly and it doesn't linger.

I love the yarn in my stash, but I'd love to be able to buy yarn for a project and not always feel that I should try to use up the stash first. I'd love to have enough stash for a few sweaters, being 4-6 sweaters and then just being able to buy yarn when a project hits me and begin knitting on pretty quickly. I would love to do that, but don't know if I could realistically whittle my stash down to that number. That seems incredibly hard to me. Hmm, must think more about that this weekend. I feel like the stash is weighing me down lately.

Okay, enough with the stash angst! Another post soon with actual knitting content and another FO.

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