Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Weekend Knitting (Or An Ode to Sock Knitting)

Is it just me or when faced with a long weekend you think that you can get something finished? That you can start a project and finish it in that time frame? Not that it isn't possible, certainly. But perhaps because I feel a bit stymied b/c my knitting time is scarcer than before. Also the cardigan that I am knitting is a top-down one, so it doesn't go as fast as a pullover that is in the round. You switch back and forth with purling and knitting and having all of the body stitches on one long needle. It goes more slowly and that is a bit taxing. I know in the end I will love the sweater, but it certainly doesn't go as fast. Speed is not the end result of my knitting, but I'm used to it going quicker than it is. Each row takes 10-12 minutes, so progress, she is slow. It's a good thing I like that project. It does mean that whenever I start Ariann, I will need to remember that slowness thing.

With that in mind, I've been really interested in a)making smaller projects and b)a quick project. So far, I've cast on for another pair of socks! (I know, I have half a sock in the cat's paw lace to complete, the mate to the Monkey sock, as well as an Opal sock "to-go" in my car for those small moments to knit a row or two). I started to berate myself about having so many socks on the needles or in queue, but what the hey? It's only socks and I do always finish my socks. Those never not get finished and none of these are on a deadline, they are just for my feet, so when I get them done, I'll have more socks for me, except for the Regia Banner socks, those are for M2, but it's not as if he asked for them. Since I'm about to start the toe on this sock, I'm sure I'll be more motivated to work on the cat's paw lace sock to get that foot done and then I will have a completed pair of socks.

Sorry for that whole foray into socks. Yesterday Norma talked about sock knitting and how she doesn't have the thrills and chills that other sock knitters talk about it and it got me to thinking. I don't think that I have thrills and chills, but I do enjoy the finished object so much in the end.

When I first started knitting, I joined a group of knitters that met twice a month at the local Borders on Saturdays. I met a lot of knitters that had been knitting for years and were very experienced. Many of those ladies knit socks at the group meetings and it seemed the perfect project to work on while knitting in public, especially a good stockinette sock! I really enjoy a plain sock. Even though I've ventured into knitting patterned socks, my favorite is my old standby. Once I learned how to knit socks, it's a perfect on-the-go project, perfect in its portability, doesn't take up much space and easy to whip out and knit a row or two. I can knit while waiting, on the train, at group knitting, on the plane, standing in line, waiting in a Dr's office. And when you're finished, a warm, toasty sock that when I wear them make me so happy. They are the bright spot in an otherwise dreary day and looking down at my feet, I get so excited (it's always the little things that make me exceedingly happy) to see something I made. So when I think about what my favorite knitted item is, it's not a sweater I made (although I do have many that I love), but it's socks. Darn, I wish I had a pair on today.

So I'm curious, why do you love knitting socks, if you do? If you don't what is it that turns you off from it? I'll be back a little later this week with the rest of those not-so-quick knitting projects that were started this weekend.

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