Monday, June 25, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Back from the ATL! Yay. I'm happy to be back home and getting settled into my regular routine again.

The trip was great. I had a great time seeing the world's cutest nephew! (ok, he's my nephew, so he's exceedingly cute, but obviously doesn't negate other people's relatives and such). I was such a bad auntie, totally forgot my camera (camnesia strikes again). I guess that's what happens when you're packing at the last minute, something was bound to be forgotten.

I had a chance to bond with my nephew and he calls me "Tee Tee Wand-er(apparently getting that -da on the end of my name is difficult for him). It's close enough and I'll take it. I think it was hardest to leave him, than my mom and sister.

We ended up not going to Louisiana for my aunt's wedding anniversary, for various reasons, and hung out in Atlanta instead. We went to the Atlanta Zoo for an event sponsored through my sister's job, as well as heading out to Six Flags over Georgia with my sister, late last Sunday evening to get in a few rides before the park closed.

I did seek out a yarn store. Pixie was kind enough to let me know that Knitch was the store to visit. I managed to get myself there, driving through Atlanta's crazy traffic,, and hung out there for a few hours. It was a nice store and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. I found there were other knitters from out-of-state that stopped in to the store and they were equally friendly with everyone. I guess because I hung out so long, one customer came up to me to ask my opinion and later on asked me if I worked there and I had to tell her no. It was pretty funny.

Of course I could not leave empty-handed, a colorway of Claudia's Handpaint, Caribbean Blue, was so beautiful, I had to have it. A couple of Blue Sky Alpacas patterns and a little something for my Coffee Swap pal, that will not be pictured here.

Hmm, and a little yarn to make this:

(yarn courtesy of Michael's -sale for $4/skein, definitely a deal)

That's it for now. Back later with knitting progress on those WIPs.

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