Sunday, August 05, 2007

And We're Off!

I don't recall if I mentioned it that I signed up for Dish Rag Tag hosted by Emily of Yarn Miracle. I signed up for it in June, a bit of competitive knitting, if you will.

We're all on teams and and each team captain (that's me) receives a box from Emily with a dish rag, two skeins of dish cloth cotton and a little goodie. We take one or both skeins and knit a dish cloth, put in a new goodie, two new skeins of yarn and the new knitted dish cloth and mail it to the next participant. Earlier in the summer, I was having a dish cloth affair and was really into knitting my dish cloth cotton. Since my last dish cloth bender, I'm actually down to just 5 skeins, but now I want to buy more. Anyhow, enough of my "addiction" talk.

I received my box on Friday evening. M and I had planned to enjoy an outdoor music concert, but the weather looked shaky and M2 had all four wisdom teeth removed that day and wasn't feeling too well that evening, so we skipped it. I checked my mailbox and I had a package, yay! On the left is the dish cloth I received from Emily, a 4 Corners dish cloth. On the right is my finished Violets dishcloth (warning pdf!)

Then a finished dish cloth all by itself in Sugar 'N Creme Denim Blue. After I finished it, I was sad to see it go. I'll be needing to pick up some more yarn in this colorway (umm, yeah, back to that "addiction" talk).

And the box is on its way to the next contestant on the "Running Ragged" Team:

I really love the dish cloth pattern, Violets. The only problem is that when I see it, I think it's so pretty, I might have a hard time actually using it. I think that's why most of my dishcloths are plain, just garter stitch.

Ooops, gotta go check on a fully submerged DFS. Later all, hope you're all having a good weekend!

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