Sunday, August 12, 2007

Birthday Card Exchange

So here's a little germ of an idea that started floating in my head yesterday after I went to check my mailbox yesterday. I used to love getting mail, fun cards and other packages here and there. Now picking up mail is just drudgery, bills and other junk mail. Rarely a card from a friend anymore. I hadn't checked my mail at all this week and on Saturday thought I should pick up the whack of mail I'm sure I'd accumulated.

When I checked my mail, I had a pleasant surprise, my Sockapalooza socks arrived (pictures and post tomorrow). As I have a birthday upcoming, I thought how said it will be to collect birthday cards this year in my mailbox, as I get very few cards anymore. In college and post-college, I was the person that had friends galore everywhere. I loved receiving cards and mail and sent them to everyone else as well. Over time, I've lost contact with many of my college friends. And at birthday time, I receive less cards and it's a bit sad for me.

What I propose (really because I love to receive cards and I'm hoping you do too)is that anyone who likes to receive cards, send me an email(awanda AT gmail DOT com) replacing the AT with @ and a . with DOT with the subject Birthday Card Exchange. In the email tell me your address and birthday and I will send you a card on your birthday. I'll send you my address and hopefully you will send me a card back too.

My birthday is August 27th and I would love to receive a few cards from my virtual, but also real, friends. Please don't think this is a way to ask for stuff, this is solely a card exchange. I'm not trying to hit up people, I just truly love receiving cards.

Let me know if you're interested! I thought it might be fun. If I get no response, that's ok too.

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