Wednesday, August 15, 2007


In my last post, I talked about how I never receive good mail anymore, no cards, no letters. But I neglected to tell you that I did receive my Sockapalooza socks from my pal, Jun.

I received a lovely package from Jun. I absolutely adore these socks and the color too. I would have never chosen it and I'm quite happy with the choice she made. I ran around the house wearing wool socks in a very hot house and was quite happy to do so.

It is really great to receive something handknitted as I don't receive handknit gifts from other knitter friends and the others who don't knit, never seem to think of taking up knitting, even though they may receive handknit gifts. It really is quite special.

My socks were quite well-travelled. The yarn is from Jun's stash of Sweet Georgia Yarns in Willow. I feel really special. The pattern is Adrian's Cable Twist sock patterns. I don't think I would ever knit cabled socks, so these are perfect to receive.

And look Ma, they fit! They were a little tight to pull over the foot, but then they fit snugly, but not tight. Very nice socks and surprisingly, the short row heel fits better than I thought it might.

Thanks a lot Jun for the socks, I really appreciate it!!

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