Thursday, August 02, 2007

Sockapalooza Trifecta!

Just in the nick of time, the Sockapalooza socks have been completed. While I was kitchenering the last toe of the second sock, I was also at the same point for my first Lemon Ice Sock. And I'd started another sock, so I thought, "Why not show all socks in some measure of completion?" So here you go. . .

The first picture shows the Sockapalooza socks (in red/orange/brown/cream jacquard), then the first sock in a colorway I call Lemon Ice in Sockotta sock yarn and lastly, a new sock started in Opal Rainforest colorway Caterpillar.

A solo picture of my sockpal's completed socks.

The yarn is Fortissima Socka Mit Bambou (a wool/nylon/bamboo mix). Since my sockapalooza pal likes her socks on the tall-ish side, I knit the leg to 7", after that I start to tire of knitting socks, truly. The pattern I used is Thuja from Knitty. I couldn't decide on a pattern for the longest time and decided to go with a known winner. As Polly always mentions on her blog that socks for an unknown person or someone you're unable to measure for, a sock with lots of stretch is best, that's how I decided on Thuja. It works well with the sock yarn and the pattern doesn't distract from the self-patterning nature of the yarn. Overall, very pleased with these socks. And I finished them fairly quickly for me, as well as having time to get started and finishing an entirely different sock.

On to the next sock, it is the completed first Lemon Ice sock. I love this crazy yarn that my Coffee Swap Pal, Kat, sent me. I actually am less in love with the content of the sock yarn, but love the colorway. It's very fun. It's just a K3, P2 rib, but I did learn that 60 sts for a slightly heavier yarn didn't work for my gauge. The second sock will be 55 sts. If I were to knit with this sock yarn again, I would definitely use about 54 stitches. And I knit the cuff in rib and the foot of the sock plain. Can't wait to finish the second sock, should be doable by the end of the month!

And certainly not least, a new sock! Whee! How I love knitting socks. And lately I've not had the mental capacity to do much more than do simple patterns. Just way too busy and feeling like I can't ever catch up and too hot when I get home, so all socks all the time it has been. The yarn is more from my Opal collection :-) This is from the Rainforest Collection, in the Caterpillar colorway. This yarn was gifted to me by Stacey. I was lucky to receive it, I really just adore this colorway right now. Not sure why, but oh well.

Next up, the "knitting camp update".

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