Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Types of Yoga

So as I mentioned in yesterday's post, I am looking to incorporate yoga into my workout routine. What's spurring this on is that my massage therapist is always mentioning how tight my muscles are and that I need to stretch more, which I do agree with. However, I know that I probably won't just stretch on a daily or nightly basis at home. My thought is that I should take a yoga class instead. I am not looking for the vinyasa flow-style yoga that most gyms, mine included, that are taught as a fast-paced flow to help you sweat.


I would like a slower-paced yoga class to hold poses longer. In looking at different yoga studios around time, I see gentle hatha yoga, restorative yoga, candlelit vinyasa flow yoga, and Anusara yoga. Is anyone reading this familiar or have any experience with these types of yoga to provide insight?


Thanks for your help and Namaste. ;-)


Michelle said...

We used to have a lady come to my work at the end of the day at work once a week and she did what ever we wanted but the restoritive yoga was wonderful! Lots of stretching but OH so relaxing. I always felt so wonderful after those days.

Jasmin said...

It sounds like you're looking for a Yin Yoga class. Long, extended poses.

Restorative yoga is intended for folks who are recovering from serious injury/old age, vinyasa is fast.

I hope this helps!

WandaWoman said...

Hi Michelle,
Thanks. I've heard opposing thoughts on restorative, but may give it a try.

Jasmin-Thanks for your comment. Yes, I have had other people tell me too that Yin Yoga is what I'm looking for. Thanks for the descriptions on different types of yoga, very helpful.