Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cardi Dilemma Revisited

Ok, so after my last long post about which cardigan I should work on, I didn't get to work on the sleeves until finally last night. I've worked on the lacy scarf when I've had some time to knit, but no pictures of that. Just think another couple of color repeats done. That lace scarf is just addictive. Anyhow, I digress.
After finally working on the sleeve and changing needle sizes a couple of time, whilst working with the variegated and the lovely Cascade 220 in orange. I think I stated before, that I ran out of the handpaint and thus was forced to buy a solid color to coordinate. So I bought some orange Cascade 200 to knit the sleeves in a solid color with the seed stich border on the sleeves in the variegated. Now that I've knit a bit on the sleeve, I'm not sure that I will like it with it. M doesn't care for it at all. What are your thoughts? I'm torn on this one, because I want it to work and I like the Cascade, it's so nice and soft. I almost think I would like this better if it was done in a solid color, with the variegated Cascade 220 as the border, but I don't have enough of that either and frankly, if I have to rip this yarn, I don't know what I will use it for, but I doubt if I would reknit this sweater again. It was error-laden and I don't think I want to deal with it again.

For Socktoberfest, I have been working on M2's shorty socks. The first one has been completed and now I'm working on the heel flap of the second one.

And I did finally get the sleeves sewn in on Donna, as well as the sides seamed together. I also completed the picking up of stitches around the neck and worked the 1x1 ribbing and bound off. However, I have yet to weave in all the ends yet. I tried it on and am not sure I like it that much. I'm kind of bleh. Here's the lying flat version.
donna laying flat Posted by Picasa

And then I had the bright idea since M was back to have him take a picture of it on. It still doesn't show what my problem is, which is on the sides, it's somewhat larger than I wanted it to be. It fits okay and doesn't feel too big, but the ribbing part is a big part that I can bunch up in my hand. I think it maybe that I didn't use an elastic enough yarn to make it hug a little closer. I dunno, that and maybe my gauge changed, but of course I didn't measure it to see. Anyhow, here's a picture of it on.
Donna being tried on Posted by Picasa

That's pretty much what I've been working on as of late. This weekend I went up to the shop and hung out with Jon for a bit, while seaming up Donna. It was a good way to keep me focused. After I got it all the neck done, I bound off, but was too lazy to actually start sewing in the ends. I plan to do it this weekend.

M and I had a talk while I was typing this blog post and I've decided I will go ahead and finish the sleeves and work the second front and finish the Hippy-Chic sweater. While he does have great fashion sense, the variegated colors of the yarn are a bit much for him. He admitted that he doesn't like the variegated no matter what, just too many colors, while I love variegated. I will finish the sweater and see what it looks like. If I rip it out after that, maybe that yarn would make a nice clapotis? I love the colors and the yarn is so soft, merino wool, that I would love to knit something with it, no problem. I just wouldn't reknit the whole sweater again. We'll see how it works out.

I guess I will also work more on M2's sock this week. I would love to have the heel flap finished, turning the heel and then on to picking up stitches. The goal is to be close to finishing this by the end of the month, but of course, I will work on other projects, so at the end of the month, we'll see where we get.

Later all . .

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