Thursday, October 13, 2005

Return from Brooklyn

Yep, we're back safe and sound. Thanks everyone for your comforting words, comments, and condolences. It was a very unexpected death and we're told that she died from heart disease, a hardening of the arteries over time, that was never detected. It was very hard for the family to accept this as she was very healthy, walked every day and managed her diabetes by diet, no insulin. I'm sure she left this earth with no regrets and she was well-loved by family and friends. M is holding up and getting through it, but of course that will be over time. Now we're home and getting back to our routines. We just returned yesterday morning.

Since I knew we would more than likely be at his parents' house the majority of the time, I opted to take simple knitting projects with me, like the socks I was already working on for M2 and another one of those Debbie Bliss baby raglan sweaters, b/c it was simple and mindless. I actually was able to finish the sweater in a 3-6 month size for one of M's nephews, who is only a month old. I seamed it up and everything. I'll have pics of the baby, who was born a bit premature and of the sweater tomorrow. I also took yarn to make another baby sweater, but decided I didn't want to get burnt out with baby sweater making. And I had a list of babies I was going to knit for, like 5 or 6 of them, but then decided to thin it down and knit for family and special friends. Others that I was thinking of, hmm, not so much. Although I did make one in a 9-12 month size that I had no idea who to give it to, because one of M's nephews has grown so much since I last saw him 5 months ago, that he's in 2T sizes and is only 11 months old now. So I will be making a different pattern for him, possibly a cardigan instead. I love that the cardigan I made for nephew Kieth was made using Encore Worsted Weight and only used one ball of yarn, in a baby blue color. I used a little from the second ball to sew in the ends, but that was it. I also plan to make him a baby hat as well. I was thinking socks, but I don't think they will stay put on his feet. His parents were also suitably impressed/thankful with the gift, so more knitting for that baby in the future. A couple of pics of the tiny and precious baby, as well as the finished baby raglan sweater.

baby kieth sleeping Posted by Picasa

baby raglan sweater Posted by Picasa

I also worked on the shorty socks for M2 and finished the first one and cast on for the second one, and it's moving a bit slowly as I screwed up the cuff a few times and had to rip it out and start over 2 times thus far, so hopefully the 3rd time is the charm with this one. I've decided to join (yes, yet another KAL, but this is one that can be successfully finished), Socktoberfest, hosted by Lolly at the same place. It's an informal sort of KAL, just knitting socks, with no deadline and since one half of the socks are already completed, this seems like one I can do! Here's the first shorty sock for M2.
one shorty sock completed Posted by Picasa

I also pulled out the lacy scarf last night and worked a couple of pattern repeats with color changes, so this scarf is coming along nicely. I think now I can see that this scarf won't be very long, but I should get 1-2 color changes out of each ball left before the yarn is all gone, but that will suit me just fine. Also once it's finished and I block it, I figure it will gain a little length.

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Last, but certainly not least, I received my Sockapalooza sock package from my sock pal, Tacha, all the way from Germany. Although my sock pal finished them while visiting family in Chile, but didn't want to send them from Chile! I have international socks that have traveled the world over! I received some wonderful socks done in Lang Jawoll in the pattern Unst from Nancy Bush's Knitting on the Road. I love the lacy pattern and the color is one I don't have in my sock collection. The socks are just how I like 'em, short cuffs, and a perfect fit in the foot and toe. I also received a couple of face masques and a pretty postcard, as well as a chocolate bar, but sadly that is not pictured as I immediately pounced on the chocolate. Such a lovely package, especially to receive after the news of last week. I was so excited to receive it. And I'll stop all the blather and show a couple of pics. One of the package and below that, one of the socks themselves. Thanks again Tacha!

sockapalooza sock package Posted by Picasa

closeup of sockapalooza socks Posted by Picasa

I guess that's it for now. I plan to post tomorrow with a dilemma on cardigan knitting, stay tuned.

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