Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All the way from Iceland

I received a package in the mail yesterday and I was most surprised to get a box from Iceland filled to the gills with goodies:

Carola sent me this wonderful box of stuff. I was so surprised and had no idea. First off, Carola made a pair of Fortissima Colori Socka color socks with somewhat wild color selection of stripes. I mentioned a couple of times how much I liked this sock yarn, even if some of my friends made fun of me for liking them. It turns out Carola sent me her leftover, so I can make a pair of anklets with it. Additionally she sent a couple of "cakes" of Icelandic wool, which makes for really warm sweaters, but it's knit somewhat airily and it's unspun or lightly spun wool. In such a pretty burgundy wine color, I love it. Along with some accent colors, white and pink. Different types of chocolate candy and candy bar, although two were not pictured because M2 (the boyo) and I dived into the chocolate last night and again tonight! Yum, good chocolate. A lava rock from Iceland, as well as a tourist guide to Iceland. One day, Carola, I will be there to visit! A CD of Agatha Christie mp3 files, a votive candle, a postcard of Iceland, a miniature Icelandic flag and a very nice letter as well. Wow, Carola, that was really sweet of you and I appreciate it so much.

Since my last post, lots of knitting has been done. Over the weekend, I finished the second sleeve of Donna. Yay! I do need to seam the sleeves and the sides together, so I can pickup stitches and do the ribbing around the neck and be done with it. I also finished the sleeves of the baby sweater and those also need to be sewn together. It'll happen soon.

Also, the Marilyn Not-So-Shrunken Cardigan (NSS Cardigan) is fast approaching the hem. I'm going to do that next and then it will be on to the sleeves.

I've also been working on M2's shorty socks, but the first one is the prototype and it's a little too high, but I'm not ripping it out. Thankfully since this sock doesn't require much of a cuff, the heel has been turned and decreases done and I'm moving right along on the foot of this sock.

Sadly, on another note, we will be headed to New York tomorrow evening on the red-eye due to a death in M's family. His mother passed this morning very unexpectedly. She was a very sweet lady that I'm sad I didn't have the chance to know better and longer.

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AmyB said...

What a cool collection of knittery from such an exotic location. :) We missed you last Friday evening-- so sorry about M's mom. My thoughts are with you.