Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hmm, I was debating on whether or not I should even post, b/c I feel like I should have something to show, but really I have a few more rows on Spork and I did finish the sock. Well, I do still have to kitchener the toes, but I expect I'll have a picture to put by either tomorrow or Monday. I'm pretty excited that I joined a KAL and finished the item so quickly.

Sadly, I decided to drop out of the Scarf Exchange before it got started, b/c I didn't feel that I would get that one done and decided that I just would rather knit myself some mittens and call it a day.

With that said, I joined yet another KAL, this time for Fuzzy Feet hosted by Anmiryam of GromitKnits, here. These sound like fun and are a great way, imo, of using up some Noro that I don't have any plans for.

Since my last post, I worked feverishly on the socks so that I could have them done for M2. Now that those are done, I can get back to work on the second sleeve of my Hippy-Chic cardigan and then on to the second front. I did run out yesterday and bought great buttons for both the Hippy-Chic cardigan and the Marilyn NSS cardi. I'm pretty jazzed about these.

Oh and I decided that Eris is not the cardigan for me. I saw a completed Eris cardi and I don't like how the cabled collar is so open on the cardigan neck. The way the collar lies on the body doesn't look right to me. It just isn't how I would like the cardigan to sit on me. If you look here, you'll see what I mean. It's not meant to knock the blogger's completed Eris, I just don't think it's the look for me. What I think I will do is "cardiganize" Rogue instead, a la Claudia.

That's about it for me today. I'll have some FOs in the next post.

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