Thursday, November 24, 2005

Hippy-Chicsgiving to all of you!

Okay, so I know it's a little late and Thanksgiving is almost over, but I finally finished the Hippy-chic sweater on Wednesday and dubbed it my Thanksgiving sweater. There are some things that aren't perfect on this sweater, like I want another buttonhole up top, but since the knitting is done, I don't know if that will happen. The sleeves are too long and I think I will take them back out and reknit them, but when I feel ready to rip out the body of this thing and tackle it again. Right now, I'm just happy that it's done. But all in all, despite those problems, I still LOVE this sweater! I'm very happy with it and love the variegated/solid combo and as Cyn said, if it were all variegated as it was supposed to be originally, it might have been too much.

A view from the front:

and a bit of a closeup of the too-long sleeves:

Project Specs:
Hippy-Chic Sweater from Knit It! 2002 issue
Yarn used: Interlacements Oregon (100% merino wool, variegated) and Cascade 220 in orange
Needles used: sz 8 needles for variegated, sz 7 needles for Cascade
Completion: started sometime in Nov/Dec 2002-completed November 23,2005 (worked on this off and on)

Also, I did felt the fuzzy feet, however, no pics today.

I am off in the morning to Louisiana to get ready for my sister's wedding, which will be next Saturday, December 3rd. I've been beckoned to come early to help with the wedding preparations, seeing as how "I'm not doing anything anyway", (read: unemployed), but that's okay too. And in true knitterly fashion, I've planned about 7 projects for me to work on for 10 days. How unrealistic is that?

I've got my knitting all planned, however I still have to pack! I plan on one hat for Maurice, a pair of mittens in Cascade 220, a pair of mittens with cabled ribs b/c Cyn showed me hers and I'm such a follower! I think they are very cute. As well as a pair of handwarmers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, fuzzy feet for M and M2, starting a Clap and starting the sleeves for M's Port Orford sweater. Do you think starting a pair of socks is too much? Hah! I think I'm so happy to be finished with this sweater and that means I can start a new project that I'm losing my mind. My main thought is that some of the projects like a hat and the hand warmers should go pretty quickly, as well as the mittens with cabled ribs. Starting the sleeves just gets me started on M's sweater and the Clap I don't expect to finish. I just want to get started on a Clap for me. When I come back from La, I will work on the baby knits. I told one of the mothers to expect a sweater soon, so now I feel obligated and that will use up more stash.

I'll try to post on the road, however it will be without pics. Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving with friends or family and those that didn't celebrate, then Happy Thursday! I'm Audi . . .

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Bookish Wendy said...

You've been kicking butt over here. That sweater looks great. Congrats!!!