Sunday, January 01, 2006

Looking toward a new year, looking back on the past

Happy New Year to everyone! NYE (during the day) was spent with knitting friends on a yarn crawl and there was yarn bought by me. I had a bit of buyer's remorse, but it's all gone(the remorse) now. Colorful Yarns was having a sale on Cascade 220 (which I heart). I really only wanted 3 skeins of a red color to make the Midwest Moonlight scarf from Scarf Style, but they did not have the right red for me and somehow I was coaxed (not really) into buying yarn for the Jazz Fairisle Scarf out of the same book. Can you tell I like jewel tones? That added to the fact that all my knitty friends tell me to buy jewel tones whenever I want to venture to other non-jewel tone colors.

The magenta is to for the Midwest Moonlight scarf out of the same book since I couldn't find the red that I wanted.

When we made it over to String, I picked up some brown Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk to make the gloves in Handknit Holidays. Margene advised me that the Koigu used in Nona's Icord gloves were not KPPM but Kersti instead, so I will use the KPPM I have at home to make socks instead. Now I have to get Handknit Holidays too, but the brown alpaca and silk is so yummy, I just enjoy petting it. I also scored with some Opal Uni, which I'd not seen at any of the LYS' here, so this pretty shade of teal/turquoise? followed me home too.

All of this shopping was done just under the wire so that I could join
Kim's Stashalong. I'd actually been doing pretty good with using stash yarn for the past 6 months, when I was unemployed. Although there was some Cotton-Ease purchasing in the early part of summer (as I still had some of my severance pay and the Cotton-Ease was cheap!), but then as summer turned into fall, not much yarn was bought, save a ball needed for a project in progress and then in late November when I bought yarn for projects to take to Louisiana. But I did feel I needed some small projects to knit on (mittens, hats, gloves) and the amount spent was minimal. But since I got a job, I already went to String the first day last week and then more shopping this week. I do still have some yarn on hold at my LYS and some yarn to purchase from Zenifer, but those will not count against my yarn diet, as I've already declared that I will purchase those, but only that yarn for the next 3 months. I do plan on going longer than 3 months, but perhaps like Michelle, it will be 3 months at a time. There will be lots of projects being knit all from stash, but this is really to knit from stash and not purchase more yarn.

Some of thelocal girls will be knitting this around the same time, although Michelle has already started it and then got Cynthia hooked on the madness, which drove me to buy yarn for it yesterday and then Stacey too and then one of the String owners yesterday! What madness!

All in all yesterday was a great day and I'm happy to be employed and able to buy a little yarn, to start some new and exciting projects for 2006.

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