Monday, May 29, 2006

Almost, Maybe, Promises

This weekend was great as far as relaxing, vegging out and general slothness could be. I thought I would get a lot of things done. I thought I would show you some new FOs. I wandered about to take pics for my introductory post for the Amazing Lace as well as the Trek-along. I changed my mind for the Amazing Lace project and decided to drop the Trek-along. I've washed the Cabaret Raglan sweater but didn't get around to taking a picture yet (but soon!) and finally got the last sleeve done on Blue Gable (after screwing it up 3 times), but have yet to weave in the ends.

What I can show you is the lovely yarn I received from Stephannie as a trade for yarn I sent her to finish up her Sunrise Circle jacket.

The yarn is Hoopla from Artfibers in San Francisco. It is an alpaca boucle, with just enough yardage to make a pretty scarf. MJ has a cute pattern for a garter stitch and loop stitch scarf which looks like it will work perfectly for the alpaca. Thanks Stephannie! I love the alpaca and I'm sorry it hurts your hands, but I love it!

I think I've mentioned before that I've been working a lot of M's sweater as well. I started feeling guilty about shoving it in a corner and not knitting on it for a couple of months and then I had the opportunity of training again at work and figured I might as well knit on something stockinette. The back is already finished and the front is coming along swimmingly, but it's not yet long enough.

It is at the length of 20 inches, so I just need to make it 8 inches longer and then I can bind off. I'll then leave the sleeves till fall. No need to knit on hot wool during the climax of the summer. I hope to wrap up the front in the next couple of weeks.

I hope to wear my Cabaret Red Raglan tomorrow as the weather cooled down considerably today and we are expecting more of the same tomorrow. If so, I'll wear it and have my photographer (M) take a pic for me.

Hope everyone that celebrated Memorial Day had a great weekend!

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