Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Saga of Blue Gable (Or Why Does My Knitting Hate Me? Pt. 1)

Oh my pretties, it has a been a little bit since Blue Gable debuted on the blog. It's a beautiful knit and the pattern is really simple. However, a little cockiness did seep its way into my knitting. I felt that based on reading the comments from several on the Green Gable KAL that perhaps the size I'd chosen might not fit. Since I'd already started and was really opposed to ripping out (must.always.avoid.the.ripping.out.till.last.resort), so I added a couple more rows of increase rounds and then had the bright idea to add increases not just in the raglan seams, but also a M1 increase right across the bust. It was very noticeable, but yet, I kept thinking it would block out, or it's not really that noticeable. It wasn't until a few people noticed it a knit night and I knew it was all over for this Gable. I attempted to drop back the stitch(es) and pull it back up, but unfortunately this was a waste of time as it left a visible line where the original added stitch had been. I even tried to wash and block it, but to no avail. I had no choice but to rip it.

In this pic, you can see where I dropped the stitch back.

In the second pic, you can see one stitch I picked up after dropping it.

After I ripped it back to just below the lace, I had to work all the increase rows again and then drop off the armholes. This occurred the weekend before last. I put all the stitches on the needles on Sunday and proceeded to knit all day Sunday from approximately 2 p.m. till 11 p.m. that night and more on Monday evening. I finally got back to where I was before and have made pretty decent progress on it. This was where I was this morning before leaving for work.

Since then, I've managed to put a few more inches on the top and am now at 10 inches from the underarms. I only have a couple of inches left and do ribbing and then to the sleeves. I'm really ready to have this top completed so I can cast on for new ones, yay!

This weekend I managed to fit in a quick visit to a new yarn shop in the area,
LambShoppe, which is a lovely store. They carry a huge amount of Debbie Bliss, I think every yarn that she's ever produced(I could be over-exaggerating!). I really went there with a singular purpose to find the sock yarn that Cyn showcased in her blog entry this past Friday. Specifically, I went in there looking for the Cherry Tree Hill. Well, as fate would have it, that was a one of a kind color and Cyn even told me later that she picked it up b/c she knew if I saw it there I would get it. How well does she know me? Apparently very well as I went in the shop specifically looking for it. But I was not able to leave completely empty-handed. One lone skein of CTH sock yarn followed me home. It was so beautiful, I simply couldn't.

On another note, look who turned 1 on May 14th (Mother's Day)? My little nephew, that's who!! Look at the mess he made with his birthday cake. He had a nice tummy ache after all the frosting and sugar from the cake.

Later I'll have another post with the second half of Why Does My Knitting Hate Me Pt.2?

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