Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not Much to Report

Hey all! After the last post, the Blue Gable is moving along swiftly. I've only to finish the two sleeves which I'm making a bit longer, about 2 inches longer then ribbing. I've actually finished the Cabaret Red Raglan last night, wove in all those ends. I have to say Cotton-Ease is a most enjoyable yarn to work with. It was nice and I've been enjoying working through some of the Cotton-Ease stash I managed to acquire last summer. I think the next thing on the needles using Cotton-Ease will either be a Sitcom Chic or a Scoop Du-Jour. I made the Bliss cardi to wear to work, but it isn't big enough for me to wear something else under it other than a tank top, so I need a bit more ease, silly me for not realizing it sooner.

I also decided to not finish the Why Does My Knitting Hate Me Part 2, because I never took a close-up of the crappy lace that was done on the first one to compare it to the second version after I ripped it out. So there's nothing to say for part 2, except I ripped it out and re-did it. But at the time, it seemed like both my projects were giving me grief. Now, they are behaving.

The Cabaret Raglan fits very nicely and the Blue Gable looks great too. I'm getting ready to cast on for some new projects, but don't have finished pics just yet. The Cabaret Raglan needs to be washed and then blocked, so hopefully a pic by this weekend, maybe two? Who knows, but to not just totally bore you, I do have some pics of yarn to at least appease.

I picked up some Claudia's Handpaint sock yarn a couple of weekends ago in a most delicious Plumlicious colorway:

I like it so much, I have a few more on hold at the LYS to pick up later. It's so gorgeous. I think it much too nice to actually make socks with, so I will probably use it for some sort of shawl. I've been really getting into lace lately. I plan to have a post later this weekend about my Amazing Lace project.

Other yarn that was purchased that same fateful day was yarn to make this Lotus Blossom Tank in this yarn:

And because Becky demanded that I show pics regularly of my nephew, here's a new pic where he had his first haircut. I don't like the baldheaded look, but nonetheless that is what he's sporting. My sister says that he always has his hands in his hair and usually after he eats his food goes to his hair next, so she cut it to resolve that problem and his hair needed to be evened out.

So sad, but he's still a cute punkin' head. I hope to post later this week about Lace and my project for the Amazing Lace. I'm very excited to knit more lace this summer. I still want to knit some summer tops, but I'm being more and more drawn to lace. I wonder if I'm insane or worse, but wish me luck.

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