Monday, May 01, 2006

Something Blue

The urge to cast on for something new hit me a couple of weeks ago and the next thing you know, a Green Blue Gable was started. OMG, the joys of top-down knitting! I just love it. I don't know if it even matters what it is, just love the monotonous, row by row, by row. I know others are not in love with the constant knitting, but for me, it's a panacea. Especially when I can knit at work and not have to worry about what I'm doing. The circular knitting is great and it calms my nerves when I talk to customers sometimes. No need to be upset by a brusque tone, just keep knitting and calmly explain their options. Gotta love that. Since this pic was taken last weekend, there's been a lot more growth. Now I'm dropped the armholes, but I do need to try it on to make sure it fits. I hope so. I'm still loving this thing and the blue is just gorgeous! I'm using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the color Columbine, a blue with hints of purple.

I finished another pair of socks, in the yarn I received from Carola so that we can be twinsies in socks! A pic of that soon to come.

Progress on the Cabaret Red Raglan is coming along. I'm on sleeve island, which is not that exciting, but if I finish them up, I could have a new sweater soon, so hopefully that will be more motivation for me.

In a surprising twist of events on Saturday, after knitting on the sock at the lacrosse game, M and I watched movies Saturday night. We were watching Jarhead. As I have a distate of all things military, the beginning of the movie didn't move me too much and then there was a scene of some of the Marines branding another new Marine, I had to stop watching. Yes, I am a baby with watching certain things. I am especially squeamish and can't stand to watch any horror or scary movies at all, not that this falls into that genre, but still couldn't watch it. I picked up a book instead and read for the first 1.5 hours of Jarhead and left M to finish the movie. It was nice just to be able to read and be so consumed by it in a way I find hard to get into as much since I started knitting. Knitting makes me feel like I need to spend all free time knitting and I very rarely just pick up books although I do love to read, knitting has just become this all-consuming hobby now. I have to try to work more reading in. We'll see how it goes.

Check with y'all later.

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