Friday, May 12, 2006

FO Friday

Just a quickie post as I've had no time to post all this week. A pair of socks that have been finished for a couple of weeks now. Finally the second pair of socks to jump off of my needles. At this point, no new socks are on the needles.
Yarn was received from the fabulous Carola and they turned into shorty socks. I thought about trying to make them longer, but I had such a small amount of yarn left, I'm glad I didn't try it after all. I had just enough yarn to make those and I could have knitted another 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch make on the top of the leg, but that's it.

They are so cute and comfy. I love the yarn, Schoeller Stahl Fortissima something or other. The ball band has gone missing. The colors are crazy, but they are perfect for socks to wear around the house.

Other projects are being worked on, including M's sweater. While it's still spring and not hot, I picked up the ribbing again (k1tbl, pl) and got that done and am now into the stockinette body. I had training again at work this week, so I had two days where I was able to add about 5 more inches to the body. That sounds good except for the fact that I think the body of his sweater is like 25 inches. Blech. Oh well, but once I begin knitting with the yarn again, I remember how much I love knitting with this yarn, so there's something to be said for all that knitting on the body. I'll try to post again tomorrow soon with some of my knitting troubles. They'll be sure to entertain you.

Ta for now . . .

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