Monday, September 18, 2006

Knitting Blahs

Not the doldrums by any means, but a bit blah about what I'm knitting. I think I should take Becky's advice and cast on for something new! Currently I've still been working on the arrowhead lace shawl and it's just getting bigger. This is the time that I'm less than thrilled with knitting it and ready to move on to other things. I've done 3 additional repeats and am ready to begin Chart 2. Rather than hastily stop knitting it, I suppose I should call my mother and verify how large she wants a shawl to be. That would be the good daughter thing to do, right?

Moving on, I was working on one sock that I'm using Regia Stretch and Wendy's cat's paw lace pattern inserted into the sock. The colors of the sock are very similar to her "Lucy" sock, but my browns are different. I put the sock down for the moment as I was working the lace shawl and a lace pattern in the sock. There was a bit too much lace going on, so I started a "footie" sock for M2. It has a very short cuff, 4 rounds k2p2 ribbing and 2 rows of stockinette before working the heel flap. I tried it on him and he loves. Down the foot we go. I also got a couple of new bags to carry yarn and projects around, one of which is displayed in the picture with the sock. M2's sock is out of some old Socka (before it became Fortissima) and it is just variegated shades of green.

I also started a sleeve to M's sweater. I tried doing both sleeves at once, but that was just madness. The skeins of yarn going everywhere. I got tired of it after one or two rows and just decided to do one sleeve at a time. I'm already bored with knitting on it, but I hope to get some knitting on it at work, so maybe that will make the knitting time go by a little faster. It's just stockinette, but many, many series of increases every 3rd row until infinity!

I just realized that the possible reason for my blahs is that all the knitting I'm doing right now is for others. While I don't mind it, I have nothing on my needles for me and that's probably why. Everything is assigned to someone else at this point and my next project is to be for my ISE scarf pal. I will obviously have to cast on for 2 projects once I finish my mom's shawl. Something for me and a scarf for my pal. We can't keep things at the status quo now can we? Otherwise I'll go crazy and just cast on lots of new things for me and never finishing any of the others and that would be very bad.

Oh well, it's time to get ready for work. Have a good week everyone. I'll try to post later in the week.

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