Thursday, September 14, 2006

Lace Swap Pal revealed

Sadly, I've been a bad, bad blogger as of late. Not so much with posting, although that too, but I neglected to mention a certain lace swap that I signed up for earlier in the summer. I meant to post earlier and even took a bevy of photos with my cell phone as M was gone for 5 days last week with the digital camera, so I could not take any pictures. Then my cell phone decided not to play nice and wouldn't send the photos to email, so even though I had some nice pictures of the initial picture, they were inadvertently deleted.

I had the best pal, Christina, who kept me updated about my swap. About being burned in SP5 quite awhile ago, I'm always a bit leery when I sign up for another swap. Christina was a most excellent pal. The Lace Swap was to include a lace pattern, a minimum of 1200 yards of laceweight yarn and any additional items you wanted to send, but any more than that was not a necessity.
I received a box full of stuff. First of all, each individual piece was wrapped in a pretty purple paper that I had fun gleefully tearing off. Here's the case/box that everything was inside of.

Inside there was a box full of goodies. Yarn, stitchmarkers, etc.

The full package revealed a lovely postcard where Christina gives me her blog address and told me that the beach was near her home and she often sits and knits there. I'm so jealous! She sent me some pretty stitch markers in red, a bar of cool-looking soap with a lilac fragrance, a soft-smelling candle, a lace pattern by Two Old Bags called Concert in the Park, which while lovely, I don't think I'm ready for all of that yet! And some beautiful Zephyr yarn (which I've never knit with before, nor own any)wool/silk 50/50 blend in a pretty burnt sienna/cinnamon color. I'm so happy with everything! Thanks again Christina!! The lace swap was really quite fun and Christina put the icing on the cake.

Again I apologize for the horrid quality of the photos, but they were with a cell phone camera.

The pal I spoiled for the Lace Swap was Joan. This was truly a lot of fun!

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